How to Price Sterling Silver Antiques on eBay

By Prev Info - October 17, 2022

 Sterling silver items are one of the top selling antiques on eBay. Many entrepreneurs buy these antiques at flea markets and consignment stores to resell at their eBay businesses. Sterling silver antiques are also purchased by some people for their own collections.

How to Price Sterling Silver Antiques on eBay

Buyers want to know how to estimate the value of these antiques and sellers want to be able to price them right for resell. Use these steps to help you price sterling silver antique items to sell or buy on eBay.


1 - Evaluate the sterling silver antiques condition. Look for the maker and their marks, country of origin, sterling silver purity marks, year made and the item's physical appearance. Some of the well known sterling silver makers sold on eBay include: Tiffany, Lunt, Reed and Barton, Gorham and Whiting. Sterling silver bracelets, silverware and flatware are favorites items to price for eBay. Generally, the better known brands and the older sterling silver with marks will demand higher auction and retail prices.


2 - Get price estimates from current sellers on eBay. Use the eBay Pulse tool to find sterling silver antique items on sale. Once you are on eBay Pulse click on Antiques and Sterling Silver. Look for items similar to yours and of the same maker, read their descriptions and asking prices. Identify a few items to compare to your antique before placing it on eBay.


3 - Obtain sterling silver antiques historical prices paid by buyers. Use the eBay completed auctions tool to find what buyers paid recently for the same or similar sterling silver antiques. This tool provides actual prices settled on eBay through auctions. Search for the antiques sterling silver category and click on completed auctions to review prices paid.

4 - Use an online antiques appraisal service company. These services provide antiques price estimate using descriptions and pictures of items. They charge a fee which is generally less than a full professional appraiser service.


5 - Determine an average price for the antique sterling silver. List the current prices, historical prices and appraisal service prices obtained and calculate an average of all. Evaluate this average price and decide if you want to price your antique sterling silver item using it.


6 - Visit a professional antique appraiser. Dealers and antique experts can assess the value of your antique sterling silver by inspection and by using their professional expertise. These services generally charge a higher appraisal fee. However, there are items that may need this type of appraisal service, especially antiques in the high end price ranges.





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