How to Pick Baby Names

By Prev Info - October 19, 2022


1 - Try mixing your name with your significant other's name to see if there is an interesting and usable mix. Ted mixed with Lilly becomes Tilly, or Gary combined with Shannon becomes Garon.

2 - Look up word meanings in foreign languages. Anything from Gaelic to Swahili may provide interesting sounding names with significant meanings, especially if you have ancestors that spoke those languages.


Pick Baby Names


3 - Consult resources such as Internet baby name sites and baby name books. Most of those list the meanings of names, their origins and even the popularity of them.


4 - If you are looking at trendy or popular names, consider carefully how that name may be regarded in 20 or 30 years. What sounds cute and fun now may make it difficult for your budding doctor or lawyer to sound credible when she is an adult. Also consider that a name may be gender neutral, appropriate for either a boy or a girl. If that is a concern, eliminate any possibilities of those names.


5 - As you create your list of names, ask people's opinions of them. Friends, family and coworkers may have some additional suggestions. Try to figure out any and all nicknames that can be made out of your baby's name. If you name him Francis, he may be called Frank which may not be a name you're fond of.


6 - Once you and your partner have a good-sized list, narrow it down to your favorite top five. If you can create this shortened list by the seventh month of pregnancy, you have some time to "try on" those names for your baby. Some parents don't like to make the final decision until the infant is born, so they can see if the names they like still "fit" the baby. Most hospitals require parents to fill out the birth certificate before they check out, so be prepared to make a final decision shortly after your baby is born.

Tips & Warnings

One sure way to know if you are comfortable with a name you have chosen for your baby is to go to a public place, such as a park or a grocery store, and call that name out loud as if looking for your child. If you feel embarrassed saying it out loud, you should choose another name.