How to Pack a Painting for Shipping

By Prev Info - October 16, 2022

 Paintings are not the easiest items to ship. They're large and oddly shaped, and they're also very delicate. UPS, the Postal Service and FedEx will all deliver your paintings, but they may not treat them with love and care they need. Therefore, you must properly pack your paintings so they arrive at their destination undamaged.

Painting for Shipping

Things You'll Need

Bubble wrap

Packing peanuts

Sturdy cardboard box

Packing tape


1 - Lay out the bubble wrap and place the painting on top of it. Wrap the bubble wrap around the painting and tape it securely to keep it in place.


2 - Fold the bubble wrap that hangs over one edge onto itself and tape it securely along the entire edge. Repeat the process for the other edge.


3 - Build the box. Tape along each edge at the bottom of the box. This will prevent moisture from getting into the box if it rains while the package is in transit.


4 - Fill the bottom of the box with one to two inches of packing peanuts. Place the bubble-wrapped painting into the box.


5 - Fill the rest of the box with peanuts. Push the packing peanuts down with your hand to make sure the whole box is full. This prevents the painting from moving around during shipping. Add another one to two inches of packing peanuts above the painting.


6 - Seal the box by taping all the edges. Address the box and mark it "Fragile: Art."

How to Make a Cardboard Box to Ship a Painting

Create a custom cardboard box to ensure your painting arrives in perfect condition. Few things are as hard to ship as paintings. Paintings are fragile and can be expensive or impossible to replace if they are damaged. Because of this, they require extra care while preparing them for shipping. To avoid damaging a painting during shipping, the safest option is to create a custom cardboard box to ship it in. By doing this, you ensure that the painting won't shift around or break in a box that is too large for it.

Things You'll Need

Measuring tape




Craft knife

Mailing tape


1 - Measure the top, bottom and each side of the painting. If you will be wrapping the painting in bubble wrap or plastic for shipping, measure it after it is wrapped.

2 - Draw the dimensions of each surface of the painting on the cardboard. Use the ruler to make your lines straight.


3 - Cut the cardboard along the lines with the craft knife.


4 - Lay the bottom piece of cardboard on a flat surface. Tape each side piece of cardboard to the corresponding side of the bottom piece.


5 - Place the painting in the box and lay the top piece of cardboard on top of it. Tape all around the top of the box. For extra protection, wind several pieces of tape around the entire box in both a horizontal and vertical direction. Exercise caution while using a craft knife.





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