How to Make a Sales Goal Poster

By Prev Info - October 19, 2022

 Making a clean, unique goal poster can help make your goals more approachable. Whether you have sales goals for your child's fundraiser or for a professional endeavor, a sales goal poster presents the information and provides inspiration in reaching those sales goals. No matter what the context of the sales goal, each poster should be tidy, professional and easily comprehensible after a quick glance. This project is also the ideal time to express your own personal style in your choice of colors and visuals in making an effective presentation.

Things You'll Need

Large poster board

Craft glue



Black and colorful permanent markers


1 - Define your sales goals on a scratch sheet of paper. Ask yourself, what is my ultimate sales goal? Then ask, how do I want to categorize and define my goals? For example, if your sales goal includes selling 100 boxed cookies, you could divide your goals into a few smaller goals, such as 20 boxes, 40, boxes and so on.

2 - Title the sales goal poster to reflect the topic, the year, and the event, if applicable. Place this title at the top of the poster board using a permanent marker and a steady hand. Print out the title from a word processor on your computer with a large font for a more professional presentation. Glue this printed title to the top of the poster board.    

3 - Mark out a grid on the main body of the poster board to match the mini-goals you created in the previous step. For example, if you have four small goals and the final goal, create five matching boxes that will contain the title or amount of each goal. To the right of these initial boxes, create five more boxes that will be filled in or marked as you achieve your goals. Create these boxes with a ruler and a pencil, ensuring that the boxes are evenly centered on the poster board.


4 - Title each of the goals within the grid in the left-hand boxes. Include a small description underneath the title of each goal, detailing the time you would like to complete each stage of the sales goal and what it means for the overall project.


5 - Mark off each of the small, manageable goals as you reach them with colorful permanent markers or stickers, depending on what type of presentation you're making. For a professional look, a simple black or red check mark is a classic choice. Alternatively, for bake sales or creative ventures, colorful shapes and designs give the sales goal poster some vitality.

Tips & Warnings

Cut down the size of the sales goal poster if you want something that can be attached to your wall or placed in a small space.