How to Make Money on Ebay Selling Clearance Items from Kmart

By Prev Info - October 17, 2022

 Kmart stores are well known for their low prices and vast variety of merchandise. But like every store they have to turn that merchandise several times a year. That means clearance sales! And you can turn these items into a profitable sale on Ebay!

Make Money on Ebay Selling Clearance Items from Kmart

Things You'll Need

A Local Kmart Store

A Computer

An Internet Connection

An Ebay account


1 - Visit your local Kmart store and walk the aisles looking for clearance sale items. Kmart tends to put clearance items together in one section by type. This means that all clearance linens and linen accessories (i.e.; towels and soap dishes, pillows and slip covers) will all be in one section of the store. You will need to check different areas of the store to find clearance such as shoes, all lingerie and sleepwear together, all seasonal will be in the same clearance area. Remember where these areas are as they rarely change locations for their clearance.


2 - Grab a cart and pick a clearance section to start going through the items. Let's start with the linens. Kmart just discontinued their Martha Stewart line so these are bound to be good Ebay items as loyal Martha Stewart customers realize they can no longer find her items at Kmart. Do you see any Martha Stewart items in the linen clearance section? What is the price? Has it been marked down several times? Then it might be time to buy it. Put it in your cart.


3 - When you have exhausted all the possibilities in the linen clearance section it's time to find a new one. Seasonal is always good especially after Christmas. If it is just after the holidays, go through their clearance section looking for Martha Stewart (she made everything!) items. But also look for glass ornaments, unusual lights or other ornaments such as collectibles like Disney or Peanuts characters. Once again check for multiple markdowns. If you think the price will go lower and feel like gambling, then wait for another markdown. Kmart usually marks down clearance every week or two until they finally pull it from the sales floor.


4 - When you have checked all the clearance sections, take your items to a quiet aisle and go through them. Look for any damages: shop wear, marker or ink spots, sticky residue from price stickers, fading from lights (especially on creases), gum (it happens!), torn boxes or packaging and anything else that you think might be detrimental to resell the item. Take these out of your cart.


5 - What's left should be the best of the best clearance items. Now you must look at every item with an eye for resale. Is it ugly? Sometimes ugly sells especially if you play it up. (I once sold a tablecloth that I called "World's Ugliest Tablecloth" in the title and it sold. It really was the world's ugliest!) Do you have more then one piece of a pattern? You have four napkins but do you have the matching tablecloth? This could either sold as a set in one auction or broken into 2 auctions, one with the tablecloth and one with a set of four napkins.


6 - This is the point when you should be thinking about how you will market these items on Ebay. If you can't think of an auction title for the bejeweled toilet brush in your cart then it's time to get rid of it. Auction titles should spring readily from your mind. If not right away then they never will and you will be stuck with that bejeweled toilet brush.


7 - When you have winnowed down your catch it's time to purchase them, take them home and list on them on Ebay.


8 - Mark your calendar to go back to Kmart in a week or two to check for another markdown or new markdown items.

Tips & Warnings

Can't afford to buy upfront? Then bring a pen and notepad and write down the details of the choicest clearance items and do research at home before buying.

Take seasonality into account! All Kmart's have a huge seasonal area that changes with, well, the seasons! Ebay shoppers buy year round.

Always buy the items before listing them on Ebay. What if the store sells out before your listing ends?

Never tell employees or other customers why you are really buying a cart full of clearance items. Why tell others your secret source?





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