How to Make Baby Stop Crying

By Prev Info - October 18, 2022

 Newborns cry for several hours a day.Your baby cries to communicate with you. She is getting familiar with the life outside of the womb and is learning to adjust to it. Respond to your baby whenever she cries. Be calm and remember that your baby is not going to cry forever. Below are a few tips to help you to cope with the baby's crying.

How to Make Baby Stop Crying


1 - Try to identify why she is crying. 

Your baby uses crying to communicate with you that she is hungry, tired, bored, or is uncomfortable. If she sends out hunger cues, feed her. She might also cry because of gas. Try burping her. If she is tired or sleepy, play some soothing music and rock her in your arms to get her to sleep.

2 - Temperature also affects the comfort level of your baby.

 If your baby feels too hot, take some of her clothes off. If the temperature in the room is too low, turn up the heat or add one or two more layers of clothing.


3 - Carry your baby in your arms or in a baby carrier. 

Studies show that babies who are carried at least 3 hours a day cry less than those who are not.

4 - Your baby may cry because she has colic. 

Babies can cry for a long period without any reason, often at a certain time of the day. Swaddling or cuddling may help. It gives her a sense of security. Some babies prefer being held upright with their backs being rubbed or patted.


5 - Each baby is different. 

You may have to try different methods or a combination of several methods to calm your baby. For instance, some babies may respond to lullabies or rhymes, others might not. Stick to one method for some time before switching to another.

6 - Parents often report that fresh air helps to calm their babies down. 

Take your baby out on a trip, either by car or by stroller.


7 - Some babies do not respond well to the presence of too many people or too much noise. 

When your baby is colicky, it is best to keep her in a quiet environment with little stimulation, particularly in the early evening.

8 - Check with your doctor to make sure that your baby does not cry because of a medical condition.

Your pediatrician can tell you why your baby cries based on the duration, frequency, and intensity of the crying.





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