How to List Depression Glass on eBay

By Prev Info - October 17, 2022

 Depression glass is coveted by some collectors, but it's not always easy to find it in perfect condition. The following steps take you through each part of the Ebay seller listing pages so you can post your Depression glassware for sale.

Depression Glass

Things You'll Need


    Packing and mailing materials



1 - Under the My eBay tab

enter "Sell," and scroll down to "Sell Item." Go to "Browse Categories." List Depression era glassware under Pottery&Glass;/Glass/Glassware/Depression and choose the appropriate subtopic for the item you are selling. Enter "Continue."


2 - Know your pattern and specify the pattern in your listing title. 

There are numerous Depression glass patterns and colors, and collectors are often looking for something specific. Take advantage of the drop-down menus on this page and fill in as much as you know. If the piece is rare or in mint condition, include this in your title.


3 - Check you Depression Glass carefully for flaws. 

This glassware used to receive regular, daily use; it's not easy to find it in mint condition. Examine your glassware under good lighting, and also run your fingers all over it to feel for scrapes or chips.


4 - Take photographs that depict your Depression glass well. 

Scan them--the more detail on the photos, the better--and follow the eBay instructions to attach them to your listing. Collectors want to see what they're buying, and sellers on eBay with good photographs do sell a higher percentage of their listings than those with no or poor photos. It's usually worth the extra listing fees to include more than one photo.


5 - Describe the item you're selling. 

Use a large font and separate sentences so they are easier to read quickly. It's OK to repeat things already in the title. This is your time to tell collectors and potential customers why they want to buy your Depression glassware, so brag as much as you truthfully can. That said, mention any flaws so that you can't be accused of dishonest business practices.

6 - Decide what you think your Depression glassware is worth. 

Ask a dealer what she thinks, or look at what perfect pieces are selling for in antique stores. Perfect condition and rarity make Depression glassware more valuable; damage makes the piece less valuable. Fill in the starting price for your auction.


7 - Make sure you wrap the glassware well for mailing. 

Weigh the package as you expect to send it. Use the shipping tool on this page on eBay to determine the shipping charge. Then, put the amount of postage you'll need to mail the package in the postage fees box. You buyer will be charged this amount in addition to the price of the Depression glassware.


8 - Open a PayPal account if you don't already have one. 

Sellers who accept PayPal are more likely to sell their items on eBay. Indicate that you will take PayPal payments in this auction. Indicate whether you are willing to take other forms of payment, such as a personal check. Hit the "Continue" button, review and approve your listing.

Tips & Warnings

There are many free image hosting sites for displaying your picture on your auction. See Resources below, or enter "free image hosting sites" into a search engine.

Don't overcharge on shipping. eBay buyers are less likely to bid if they think you have done this. In your listing description, do not tell prospective buyers that you will not accept PayPal. PayPal is owned by eBay, and eBay will discontinue your listing if you do this. Getting your scanned photos to upload on the site can sometimes be difficult. You may want to check with someone who sells a lot on eBay to determine how this is done.



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