How to Get Reinstated on eBay

By Prev Info - October 17, 2022

 eBay is an online auction site that allows users to buy and sell items from their home. The company has allowed thousands of people to enjoy working for themselves by providing an avenue in which to sell items. eBay is dedicated to maintaining quality and security and will take the necessary steps to prevent unauthorized activity for occurring. It may suspend user accounts for non-payment or for breaking eBay's policies. This is done to protect all users, but there are steps that can be taken to reinstate suspended accounts.

How to Get Reinstated on eBay


1 - Determine why your account has been suspended. eBay sends you an email explaining why it has taken this action. You may also find this information if you didn't get the email by logging into the messages section of "My eBay."


3 - Pay off any outstanding balance that you owe eBay. Most suspensions are for non-payment. Clearing your balance should automatically reinstate your account.


3 - Look for any other reason why your account is blocked. Other reasons can include a bad email address, unauthorized transactions or activity limits set on your account.


4 - Contact eBay to resolve any of these issues. You can respond directly to the suspension notice via email, or you can contact eBay through the website.


5 - Appeal any unpaid item strikes that appear on your account. Contact a seller directly if he placed a flag on your account. Otherwise, file the Unpaid Item Appeal Form with eBay and provide proof of payment (see Resources).

Tips & Warnings

Be cautious if you have received an email that states your account has been suspended. Computer hackers often send out such messages attempting to gather your personal information. Log onto the eBay site directly to verify your account status.

eBay enforces strict guidelines to insure that buyers and sellers are treated fairly and that eBay users have a positive experience. If something has gone wrong and your eBay account has been suspended, it may be very easy or quite difficult to get it back. Usually the biggest determining factor in whether or not eBay reinstates your suspended account lies in the reason why your account was suspended in the first place.

Tips for Getting Your eBay Account Back

Your eBay account may be suspended if you don’t pay your eBay fees or if you violate any of their other terms and policies such as listing banned items or getting too many buyer complaints.

If your eBay account was suspended because of unpaid seller fees, you simply have to pay your fees and your account will be reinstated.

It may or may not be possible to get back a suspended eBay accounts caused by a violation of their terms and policies. You can reply to the email you received notifying you that your account was suspended or contact eBay using the link found in the Resources section of this article.

Whichever way you choose to appeal your suspension, make sure you include all relevant information about what happened to caused you to have your account suspended. For example, your account was suspended because you listed a prohibited item, like a pirated DVD, you should explain that you weren’t aware the item was a violation of eBay’s policies and that you will no longer list items like that again.

If your account was suspended because of too many buyer complaints over non-shipment, you should make sure you’ve issued all buyers a full refund and explain what your plans are to ensure that you’ve resolved your shipping problems.

Accounts suspensions caused by unpaid items should be appealed using the Unpaid Item Appeal form link located in the Resources section of this article. If you have a reason why you couldn’t pay for the item, you should explain in full detail. eBay lists three legitimate reasons for non-payment. If the seller changed the price, costs or method of payment of the item after the sale, you’re not obligated to pay for the item. If the seller is suspended, you may a have legitimate reason why you didn’t pay for the item. Also, if your account was accessed by someone else who bid without your knowledge then you should be able to get your eBay account back. Unpaid item strikes because of financial setbacks or any other type of difficulty are up to eBay’s discretion to decide whether or not to reinstate your account. In these cases, it’s best to be honest and make sure that you don’t bid on anything in the future unless you have the money to pay for it at the time.

It’s always best to try and get your suspended eBay account back rather than simply create a new account. eBay has a system in place that makes it difficult for suspended users to create a new account and once your account is suspended, other members of your household could have their accounts suspended as well.





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