How to Find a Team for Your Mentoring Program

By Prev Info - October 16, 2022

 Creating a mentoring team can provide you with a group of people you can rely on to give guidance to new employees, students or children without reliable role models. If you would like to run a mentoring program, it is best to gather an entire team so someone is always available and you have more than one option to best match up mentors with those who need help. To find the best people to serve as mentors, you need to know which qualities work best in mentoring situations.

Mentoring someone who shares your interest can spread your knowledge.


1 - Ask people you know who fit the characteristics of a good mentor if they would like to join your team. If you build a team with people you already know, you can better match a mentor up with a protégé that needs guidance.


2 - Advertise seeking mentors for your program. Place these advertisements in a relevant location. For instance, if you want mentors for student athletes, place ads at the local gym and sports facilities. When you create your advertisement, let prospects know the purpose of your mentoring program and what characteristics or experience you want in your team members. Giving all of these details will help reduce the number of applicants who don't meet your needs.


3 - Interview prospective team members to learn more about their experiences and what they bring to your team. These interviews will help you find those who will meet the needs of your mentoring program the best.


4 - Check references provided by those who want to join your mentoring team. A candidate will likely highlight his strong points and play down weaknesses. Checking references thoroughly helps you figure out which candidates are the best fit.


5 - Choose only those candidates you feel you can trust and who meet the qualifications of a good mentor, such as one who can lead by example, has a desire to help others and is goal oriented. Good mentors must work well with others and show patience in handling someone who is unfamiliar with the subject matter.     

6 - Offer a trial period for all team members to ensure they are the best fit for your team. Just because someone is a good mentor doesn't mean he will fit well with the rest of your team. A trial period allows you to test out each team member to ensure the best results.



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