How to Find Cheap Products to Resell on eBay

By Prev Info - October 17, 2022

 If you want to begin selling on eBay, you may want to know where to go to purchase low-cost items that you may resell on the auction site. Resources from which to acquire an inventory are available in many communities. They may range from a yard sale two blocks away to an occasional or routine flea market.

How to Find Cheap Products to Resell on eBay

Things You'll Need


eBay account

credit card


1 - Shop at used book stores.


2 - Purchase used books from your local library during annual or semiannual book sales.


3 - Look for unusual bargains at discount stores in which prices are routinely exceptionally low.


4 - Check the end-cap displays in all the stores in which you shop. End caps are the sections at each end the shelves that divide aisles.


5 - Shop at secondhand clothing stores.


6 - Visit flea markets, garage sales and yard sales. Arrive early. Competition for the first look at and chance to purchase jewelry, paintings, furniture and toys can be strong.

Items to Sell for Profit

Learn what items sell for profit, and you'll always have a way to make money even if you don't have a job. Sell items online at auction or classified sites such as eBay or Craigslist. Sell things offline at yard sales or flea markets. Find hot-selling products around your house or use a few clicks to buy and resell cheaply from thousands of suppliers selling items online.

Computer Parts

Selling expensive computer parts at an affordable price can be a lucrative venture. Buy items from wholesalers and sell them to businesses that are are looking to upgrade their systems. Use a repair shop or online marketplace as your selling arena. Money-makers include hard drives, memory, video cards, processing chips and motherboards, according to Entrepreneur. Microsoft products are also hot sellers. A Microsoft Office suite normally costs hundreds of dollars, but reselling past versions of Microsoft Word for less can bring in a lot of business. Research eBay and other online auction sites to see what computer-related items are always selling.

 Business Wear

Expensive labels make a statement in the work place but a dent in the checkbook. Find quality fabrics and designer cuts in thrift stores and resell them online. Look for suits, pants and blouses. Look for items that are new or just like new. 

Golf Clubs

Make a large profit by purchasing and reselling new and used golf clubs. Golf accessories such as bags, electric carts and pull carts also can bring in some cash, according to Entrepreneur. Purchase golf items at flea markets, online golf stores, auction websites and estates sales. Exhibit your golf items at golf shows or a home-based showroom, according to Entrepreneur.





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