How to Estimate Corrugated Displays

By Prev Info - October 16, 2022

 Corrugated cardboard is essential to the grocery industry. First used as a liner for hats in the mid 1800s, corrugated paper is now the backbone of point-of-purchase (POP) displays. In the mid 1900s, advertising companies turned to the product and created colorful, die-cut merchandisers and free-standing product displays to service the rapidly expanding supermarket industry. Estimating the cost of these displays is essential to the advertising and retailing industries.


1 - Break down the display into individual pieces of corrugated board, and arrange the pieces onto pieces of standard size corrugated stock. Match the materials required to the piece of material which makes the most of the available space. Any excess material from cardboard stock is wasted money.


2 - Determine the printing costs for each display. Some pieces are printed on two sides, some on one side. Other pieces serve as supports and don't require printing. Arrange the pieces onto sheets so that all the like types are together on one sheet of corrugated board.


3 - Determine the price for die-cut stamping the sheets into the individual pieces. After the corrugated is printed, it is stamped into the pieces that form a display.


4 - Source the corrugated materials and get prices for the product. Consider if traditional corrugated paper is the best source for your display, or if the additional strength and durability of Coroplast corrugated plastic is better for your project. Build an accurate estimate by securing bids from two or three sources, and then pick the best source.


5 - Total the costs for material, printing and die-cutting. Add shipping. The total of these costs will create an accurate estimate for the price of a corrugated display.

Things You'll Need

Scale drawing of the corrugated display

Unit prices for printing

Unit prices for material

Unit Prices for die cutting'

Costs for shipping and handling





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