How to Deal With Unjust Bosses

By Prev Info - October 19, 2022

Company Director

Handling unjust bosses properly will help you make the best of a bad situation. If you were passed up for a promotion you deserved or find your self unfairly criticized at work by your boss, you may feel helpless and frustrated with respect to your work situation. Despite this, there are ways to deal with unjust bosses in order to make the best of a difficult situation.

Don't Assume

While your boss may be acting in a manner that you find to be unfair or unpleasant, it is important not to assume your boss is performing these actions with bad intentions. Often times, there are other factors at play, such as personal problems or a lack of personal skills that result in unjust and unpleasant actions from a boss. Assuming that your boss is not inherently evil, will help you keep calm during unpleasant and unfair encounters with your boss.


If your boss is being unjust or unfair, bringing it to her attention may be all that is required to correct an action you find unpleasant. While some bosses intentionally treat employees unfairly, many others are not aware what they are doing is unfair. Schedule a discrete meeting with your boss and explain why you believe she is treating you in an unfair way.

Write a Letter

If your boss is an extremely busy individual who does not have the time or patience to have a full meeting with you; sending him a letter or email will help you articulate your feelings. In composing a letter instead of meeting with your boss, you can word your complaint in a well thought-out and organized manner. In addition, this more indirect mode of confrontation may be less offensive to your boss.

Speak to a Superior

If the injustices caused to you by your boss are unrelenting and directly affecting your well being and role in the company, it may be time to speak to your boss's superior. While this strategy may not work if your boss is the highest ranking official at your company, in other situations this may be the only way to get your boss to correct her ways. A superior may speak to your boss directly or, in an extreme case, fire your boss, allowing you to continue to work without an unfair boss.



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