How to Buy a Keyless Entry Remote on eBay

By Prev Info - October 17, 2022

 How to Buy a Keyless Entry Remote on eBayMost modern cars either come with keyless entry systems or are wired to receive them. This means that owners will need keyless entry remotes to use the system, and sometimes these remotes get lost or damaged. 

How to Buy a Keyless Entry Remote on eBay

eBay Motors helps to resolve this saddening occurrence by offering one of the largest selections of keyless entry remotes available. Buyers will need to get a keyless entry remote with the right features while understanding that looks can be deceiving, since many keyless entry remotes may look the same but are in fact different.

Programming a new keyless entry remote is usually not difficult, although the process does differ with every make and model of vehicle. Thankfully, there is little to debate about keyless entry remotes when it comes to aftermarket vs. OEM options other than cost and design differences. Since searching for a new keyless entry remote is so easy on eBay Motors, buyers can get back into the conventional side of life quickly.

Get the Right Features

When buying keyless entry remotes for a vehicle on eBay Motors, it is imperative to get a keyless entry remote that has all the correct features for the vehicle. Virtually all keyless entry remotes will lock and unlock doors, but not all have trunk openers. Most keyless entry remotes have a panic button, but some do not. The panic button is a security feature that sets off the vehicle’s horn or alarm to bring attention to the vehicle in case there is someone assaulting the key holder close to the vehicle. Most people use this feature to find their vehicle in a crowded parking lot when they forgot where they parked; very useful when shopping at the mall during the holiday season.

Some keyless entry systems are integrated with a car alarm system and, as such, this feature needs to be available with the keyless remote. These remotes may look the same as a standard keyless entry remote, but the internal circuitry disables the alarm when the unlock button is pressed and enables it when the lock button is pressed. Another feature that some vehicles are equipped with is a remote engine start feature.

Of highly practical use in very cold climates, the remote start feature allows vehicles to be turned on from the comfort of inside the home to allow the vehicle to warm up, ensuring the driver is greeted by a warm vehicle ready to drive right away. This feature will also need to be integrated into the new keyless entry remote. When shopping on eBay Motors, buyers should read the descriptions carefully to ensure the remote is compatible with all the features the vehicle supports. When in doubt, the buyer should contact the eBay Motors seller with specific questions.

Looks Can be Deceiving

When buying keyless entry remotes on eBay Motors, it is extremely important to understand that just because a remote looks identical to the original remote does not mean it will work with the same vehicle. To save money on design costs and manufacturing processes, manufacturers make hundreds of different kinds of keyless entry remotes fit into the same outer shell. This means that two remotes may look exactly the same, but they are made for different vehicles. The opposite is true as well, especially when buying aftermarket keyless entry remotes. Aftermarket keyless entry remotes can be made by any number of manufacturers and they may all look different on the outside. However, on the inside, they have the same circuitry and codes, allowing them to work with the same vehicle.

FCC and GM Codes

The circuitry inside a keyless entry remote is electronically keyed with a special code. The most commonly used code system is the FCC ID code system and the other less common code system is the GM ID code system. eBay Motors sellers will list the FCC ID or GM ID in the product description, and this should match the FCC ID or GM ID code on the back of the existing remote exactly. If the new keyless entry remote is being purchased because the old one was lost, buyers can contact any car dealership that sells his or her car to ask for the ID by giving them the car’s VIN number.

Programming Keyless Entry Remotes

Displaying the FCC ID or the GM ID online is not a security threat to the buyer because the ID code is not what connects it to the vehicle, it is just a serial that makes it compatible with the vehicle’s side of the keyless entry system. A special pairing code has to be created to pair the remote to the vehicle. This is called programming, and is done using the buttons of the remote and the vehicles’ internal electronics.

Most often, this involves the lock buttons and the ignition of the vehicle. Every make and model’s programming sequence is different, but there are many resources online on how to pair a given vehicle to a new remote. Most eBay Motors sellers that sell replacement keyless entry remotes will be happy to email the buyer the programming instructions for a specific year, make, and model vehicle once a purchase has been made.

Using One Remote for Two Vehicles

In some cases, it is possible to use one remote to control two vehicles. If both vehicles are the same year, make, and model, this will always be the case. However, even different years, makes, and models can be controlled by the same keyless entry remote if they share the same FCC ID or GM ID code. Since the pairing mechanism is stored in the vehicle’s portion, a remote can be paired to as many vehicles as needed, provided they all use the same FCC ID or GM ID code. This can be handy in some situations, such as when one individual owns multiple vehicles.

Aftermarket vs. OEM Keyless Entry Remotes

In many cases, very inexpensive aftermarket products are often inferior to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products. This is not always the case, however, and most aftermarket keyless entry remotes are just as high quality as OEM keyless entry remotes. In some cases, the battery life may be shorter or the range of operation may be shorter, but in general, it is difficult or impossible to find any performance differences between aftermarket and OEM keyless entry remotes.

The main difference between the two is price and design variability. Aftermarket keyless entry remotes tend to be much less expensive than their OEM counterparts, and the large number of manufacturers makes for some interesting design choices to decorate an individual’s key ring. This is good news for buyers using eBay Motors, as a huge number of aftermarket manufacturers are represented on eBay Motors, providing the buyer with a tremendous assortment of possibilities.

Searching for Keyless Entry Remotes on eBay Motors

eBay Motors is an excellent place to find extra or replacement keyless entry remotes. The massive selection available can be daunting, however. To make finding a keyless entry remote easier, eBay Motors provides a series of useful tools. The most valuable of these tools, however, is the keyword search tool, located on every page. All a user has to do is simply enter a search term or phrase and eBay Motors will provide a list of products geared towards what is being searched for. Users can use a search phrase like keyless entry remote to be presented thousands of options to choose from. The user will then want to use eBay’s filter tools to specify the vehicle’s make, model, and year.

Often, however, things can be simplified, as in the case of keyless entry remotes. Since these devices have FCC ID codes, a buyer only has to enter this code. For example, entering "KR55WK49663" will find only keyless entry remotes that have that FCC ID. This provides a very narrow listing many times, and some buyers do not list the FCC ID and only list what year, make, and model their keyless entry remotes are compatible with.

Return Policies

It does not happen too often, but sometimes products are not what they were expected to be, or do not work as expected. In these cases, most people will want to return the item to the seller for a refund or for an exchange. Unfortunately, not all sellers accept returns; it is vitally important that buyers find this information out before purchasing a product on eBay Motors. Finding out is a simple process; on the product’s description page, buyers can go to the "Shipping and payments" tab for detailed information about the seller’s return policy. Additionally, buyers can find out more information about shipping policies and methods here as well.


Keyless entry remotes for cars, trucks, and vans have become the norm, and many people rely on the convenience they offer. Occasionally, however, a keyless entry remote will go missing or become damaged, and the vehicle owner has no choice but to get a new one or go back to the archaic method of using keys. Rather than a return to the stone age of vehicle entry, eBay Motors makes getting a new keyless entry remote a simple, quick process. Buyers will need to know what features their old system is capable of so they can match it up with the new remote properly. Additionally, buyers should not purchase keyless entry remotes based on looks alone, as two identical looking remotes may not work on the same vehicle.

Instead, buyers need to ensure that they chose a remote with the correct FCC ID number, whether or not the remote looks the same or is wildly different. Programming the new remote is usually an easy process, but each vehicle make and model has a different procedure; be sure to get that procedure from the seller or find it at a free online resource. In the case of keyless entry remotes, aftermarket remotes are just as good as OEM remotes in most cases, with the main difference being cost and design variance. Since finding keyless entry remotes is so easy on eBay Motors, buyers should get started right away, so that they do not have to live in the "vehicle entry stone age" for too long.





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