How to Become a SAP HR Functional Consultant

By Prev Info - October 17, 2022

 SAP offers candidates for consulting positions excellent pay and benefits. Whether you are an undergraduate or have a master's or MBA, a career as an SAP human resource functional consultant is within your reach. If you wish to enter the field without a degree, gain experience in the human resource field -- also known as human capital management -- with a focus on how technology and computer programming solves problems in business. Consider certification as another way to get started. You will need excellent technical and soft skills to become a successful candidate.


1 - Do research on the current businesses, industries and the cross-industry functions of SAP's operations. Focus on applications for HR management -- from recruiting new hires, to the development and appraisal of personnel, to retirement and pensions. Begin networking with professionals in the HR field while in college.

2 - Learn HR organizational models such as organizational structure and enterprise structure -- gaining knowledge through classes, reading books or reading articles online. Familiarize yourself with personnel structure, work schedule structure and pay scale structure. As you gain confidence and develop your network, look for internships in SAP HR.

3 - Study the various other components within HR including time and compensation management, personnel cost planning and travel management. Become familiar with organizational management of payroll and personnel administration.


4 - Find a mentor that has the kind of job you want. Prepare to become a junior consultant by familiarizing yourself with SAP and non-SAP applications and modules. A mentor will answer questions and help you understand the implementation of applications and modules within specific types of businesses.

5 - Become a Certified Associate. This certification level covers fundamental knowledge requirements for the acquisition of broad SAP processes and solutions. You will become a qualified consultant or project team member, and have the opportunity to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

6 - Gain certification at the Professional Level. This certification level covers detailed applications of SAP solutions. You will develop leadership skills and execute your knowledge of business processes. You'll also demonstrate your experience in a rigorous testing process. The professional certification level will enable you to promote yourself in the global marketplace at increased billable rates.

7 - Train at the Master Level. Three training tracks are offered at this level. These tracks integrate academic study with SAP certification for professionals in various stages of their career. For university graduates, the Master of Science (MSc) or the Master of Business Engineering (MBE) track will provide experience in the real world. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) track is for professionals with at least two years of business experience. The partnered university is responsible for examination and teaching academic components, while the SAP Education organization administers training and examinations focusing on SAP certification components.

Tips & Warnings

Develop your skills in critical thinking and problem solving, as well as verbal and written communication. And be able to create and deliver a high quality presentation with a clear message. SAP HR functional consulting requires interpersonal and social skills to listen and comprehend. You will build relationships with others to negotiate and reach agreements.





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