How to avoid The monument and fraud from online banking?

By Prev Info - October 18, 2022

 There are plenty of frauds or deceivers moving in the Internet. We must be really cautious versus them particularly in protecting our bank accounts or online investments.

Internet banking scam is one type of online frauds with the purpose of stealing the user's personal information like log in ID, password, deposit account number and other confidential information. In order to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, there are few facts you must be familiar with to safeguard your deposit account.

How to learn security when using online banking?

A secure site has a sign usually of VeriSign, a security company that ensure the site you are touring is protected from hacking or fraud. Normally, nearly all banks and those that requires payment method in the Internet has Veri Sign trademark or certificate in their website. Several banks use different kind of safety attributes other than VeriSign.

In addition, instead of common http in the web site's URL address, a secured website has https.You will see also the change in color of the left side of address bar to blue or green when you visit a high safety site.

In order to prevent online banking fraud, you can consider the following tips when you are going to use Internet banking.

Protect your Password

Make sure it is hard to guess and that you change it regularly. Do not write it down or share it with anyone but make it sure you will recall it clearly.

In making a password, combine capital and small letters, numbers and symbols so it would be harder for other people to guess it. Additionally, avoid using password that is related to your private information such as the names of your kids or wife, birthdays and place of birth.

Beware of any phone, mail or email contact requesting you to validate your personal ID or statement information. Do not disclose any information related to your bank account or any financial accounts to persons asking to know it.

Make sure you are logging in to your online banking's authentic website. Many sites replicate the appearance of some bank web sites so they can acquire the user's log in ID and other private information.

Consistently log-out your account especially when you use it at public establishments such as libraries and Internet shops.

Install a firewall and anti-virus to guard your computer from all viruses and malwares so it will not reach your computer and Internet access.

Internet banking scams is very typical in the Internet so it is very valuable to protect your personal and online account data versus this crime. You can view the advises above so you may safeguard your online banking whenever you are using it.





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