How Quality Is Ensured In Technical Translation

By Prev Info - October 18, 2022

 With the pervasiveness of various devices or machines around us, it can be said that we are in a constant “state of siege.” But that is only true if we live our day to day lives mostly in confusion, with our machines not at the mercy of our will. 


That is why manufacturers or makers of various modern products are required to provide documents that enable end users to “tame” the machine, so to speak. In a nutshell, therefore, products and the technical documents that come with them go hand in hand in ensuring a modern society running like clockwork, safely and efficiently.

Language translation companies that offer technical translation services compete with one another for clients, big and small. The whole “courting the client” game is usually about establishing a long-term relationship with clients. This is because technical documents are usually produced not by one-time clients, but manufacturers that continually make new and better products.

If the language translation company is any good, then we are talking about years, even decades, of a mutually beneficial business relationship. You can compare the relatively heavier importance of technical translation with that of, say, translation of emails or any general translation job, and you will realize why when we say that technical translation is “extremely delicate and demanding in terms of quality and accuracy,” we are not kidding.

With each new product comes a whole new set of technical documents for translation into multiple languages. However, technical translation is not entirely about user manuals or product guides, as it plays a role that is much more important than merely about notes that instruct on how some machine should be used.

Technical translation also involves documents in extremely important fields such as scientific or pharmaceutical research. Technical documents are peppered with field-specific terminologies and formulas, which are the reasons why not just any linguist with some general knowledge of the industry can work on such documents.

The high demand for consistency also requires the use of certain tools, such as translation memory, to make sure that terminologies, formulas and assertions are consistent throughout a technical document. But more than simply ensuring consistency, translation memory and other related translation tools help the human translator in increasing the quality of the output and finishing the work faster than ever.

The most successful language translation companies that engage in the field of technical translation will have made their achievements through extremely rigorous methods. That is why they usually boast of their past or current clients, which may include big names in the global manufacturing industry. The mere fact that a translation agency engages in technical translation and succeeds in it already speaks volumes of the high level of expertise of the agency.





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