How Do Parakeets React to Barking Dogs?

By Prev Info - October 24, 2022

 Some dog barking can annoy your budgie, but friendly barking may fascinate her. Fido's barking is one of his means of communicating, but it can become obnoxious, depending on circumstances. A pup who simply barks occasionally, may or may not bother his parakeet housemate, but if the dog's barking is constant or is directed at Polly, it's enough to stress her. Depending on the context of your pup's barking, a parakeet may react in various ways.


Stressed Out Parakeet

Parakeets are small, fast-moving little birds whose bright colors and quick movements may attract the attention of a potential predator such as a dog. Even an ostensibly properly trained pup may bark at an avian companion, or even attempt to get to get at the bird in the cage. Such actions can cause stress for your parakeet, especially over time. A stressed-out parakeet may engage in harmful behaviors like feather plucking to relieve the upset -- and that can lead to serious and even deadly health problems like skin infections, warns To protect your budgie from harm, keep Polly's cage in a room that Fido can't access.

Joining in the Fun

If Fido's isn't threatening Polly with his barking, she might actually find it interesting. Some parakeets may join in on the excitement and screech along with the dog. Some may even imitate Fido's barking. One study published in the November 2008 edition of the "Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences" showed that parakeets tend to imitate those around them with similar behaviors. Because parakeets are able to mimic phrases and other sounds, you may hear her barking right along with Fido, according to petMD. This is especially possible if your pup barks frequently during the day -- it gives Polly plenty of opportunities to learn the sound.

Scared Budgie

If your parakeet is out of her cage and Fido starts barking at her, it could startle her and prompt her to fly around your home to find a safe spot out of his reach. Unfortunately, a scared budgie may injure herself in her quest to escape a barking dog, potentially flying into a mirror or window. To avoid such issues, never leave a dog alone with your uncaged parakeet. You can also reward both pets while they are in each other's presence, using tasty treats like dog biscuits for Fido and fruits or veggies for Polly, to help keep them calm around each other.

Relieving Boredom and Teaching Manners

One of the causes of excessive barking in dogs is boredom. Give Fido a variety of toys to play with, including puzzle toys filled with tasty treats during the day to engage his attention so he doesn't bark. Do the same for Polly, giving her toys and even some hanging fruits or veggies to munch on so that she doesn't vocalize out of boredom, in turn triggering some potentially upsetting vocalizations from Fido. Provide Polly with a small box inside her cage that she can escape to if she becomes frightened by your pup's barking. To quickly quiet him if you notice that his vocalizations are upsetting Polly, teach Fido the "Quiet" command.



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