How can you help foster a positive relationship Dogs with Cats

By Prev Info - October 16, 2022

Cat and dog lounge act

Do opposites attract? While it may not be puppy love, your dog and cat can become good friends.

They may even become so close that they play together, sleep next to each other and even groom one another.

Many cats and dogs who live together

will play together. Playtime is an effective bonding tool and should be encouraged. You must be cautious in the beginning, however, because dogs naturally want to attack things that move—and Fluffy can definitely move.

Before you allow your pets to interact

make sure that your dog will respond consistently to a command to "leave it," in case your cat ends up captive between its jaws. Begin playtime by firmly holding your dog's leash and letting him watch the cat play. When your pooch is behaving properly let him play with the cat, but keep him on the leash until you are certain he will not harm the cat.

Tips for maintaining harmony:

•  Feed the pets in separate places and at different times to reduce the likelihood that they will fight over food.

•  When introducing a puppy to an adult cat, keep an eye on the cat. Puppies aren't "cat wise" and don't realize the potential danger. The puppy will probably annoy an older cat, prompting a claw to the nose.

•  Give your pets equal time. Your pets may become jealous and resentful when another pet receives more attention.

•  The more obedient and trained your dog is, the more he will listen to you and will leave your cat alone.

•  Keep both cat toys and dog toys nearby. Rambunctious dogs and cats can pounce on toys instead of your other pet.





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