High School Recruiter Job Description

By Prev Info - January 20, 2023

High School Recruiter Job Description

Recruiters help give high school students information they need to begin their college careers. High school recruiters are professionals who recruit high school students into college programs. Colleges use these recruiters to increase enrollment so they can improve the number of students who attend the college, which boosts tuition revenue. Recruiters are responsible for finding effective and honest ways to get students to join.

Finding Students

High school recruiters usually must determine where they can most likely meet high school students. They are sometimes allowed to go to schools and give class presentations. Other times, they go to career fairs geared toward students. These recruiters introduce students to the program and determine whether they are qualified for enrollment.

Relationship with School

Recruiters must establish contact with high school staff so they can gain access to students. They can encourage high school staff members to recommend the recruiter’s academic institution to students. Recruiters must be comfortable delivering presentations to groups of people.

Communicating with Students

Recruiters try to motivate students to attend university programs by explaining the benefits and helping students visualize success in these programs. Recruiters use standard marketing tools, such as the communication of benefits. Recruiters must ask questions so they understand why students would be reluctant to take part in the program and must ease these concerns. For example, if a student fears that she cannot afford tuition, the recruiter can mention the availability of financial aid.

Required Knowledge

Recruiters must understand all the prerequisites that students must fulfill before they can enroll in the university, so they can explain these requirements to the students. They must be familiar with many details of the university they represent, so they can confidently answer any questions that might arise.


Recruiters have to travel. They are sometimes given a specific territory they are supposed to operate in and are responsible for ensuring they can maximize the number of recruits in that area. Recruiters operate on their own, so they must be self-motivated. They must operate independently. Many work from home offices, so they must have a home environment where they are not distracted.

Military Recruitment

Military recruiters try to encourage high school students to sign up and enlist in the military. They must contact gatekeepers, such as high school administrators, and find a convenient time to recruit students. The recruiter must be aware of the benefits of joining the military and must give students as much information as necessary for them to enlist. Recruiters explain military life, training opportunities, school funding opportunities and required personal aptitudes. Recruiters are also responsible for screening students that are not suitable for enlistment. For example, recruiters are responsible for assessing whether students can physically perform duties.





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