Have you or a loved one been involved in a fire? Explosions and Fires Injuries

By Prev Info - October 18, 2022

 Fires can occur everywhere from a residential home to a commercial plant and they often cause serious injuries that can be fatal. Fire related deaths are the third most common type of fatality in the home. The statistics show that, on average, a person dies every 170 minutes in the United States because of a fire. Approximately 85% of all U.S. fire deaths occur in homes. Also interesting is the fact that males account for the vast majority of fire/burn injuries in the U.S. (64%).

Fires not only cause significant property damage, but can also cause severe injuries or even death. A new report states that seven people in the United States die each day in house fires. The most common causes of house fires are cooking, faulty wiring, smoking, candles, home heating, and flammable liquids. With an increase in the number of house fires each year, the installation of smoke detectors and sprinkler systems is now more important than ever.

Whether from a malfunctioning chimney, a gas leak, or blown electrical circuit in the wall, fires can occur at the most inopportune times at the most inopportune places. While some fires and explosions are inevitable, thousands of people are hurt or killed every year from fires and explosions that should have been prevented. Who are the potential 

responsible parties if injured by a fire or explosion?

The landlord: 

In the vast majority of fires, the landlord or caretaker for the facility can be attributed with a lack of responsibility. This is especially so when fire detectors were present but were not working when the fire occurred. This false peace of mind is especially dangerous for those people who rely on such technology to keep them safe. Approximately 65% of fire deaths and injuries happen due to faulty or non-functioning fire alarms. If the landlord failed to maintain the premises by ensuring that these devices work, it is quite possible that the landlord could be liable if you are hurt in such a fire.


If a third party contractor performed electrical work on your house and the contractor did not abide by the relevant code or professional standard for that type of work, they may be liable if their improperly installed electrical wiring causes a fire within the wall. The only way to determine whether this could be a possible avenue for recovery is to contact a fire attorney to begin the investigation process necessary to discover potential at-fault parties. The fire attorneys  work with top-notch investigators to exhaust all possible resources in the event you are injured in a fire.

Manufacturers, Distributors, and/or Retailers of Fault Products: 

Any entity who is involved with a product’s stream of commerce can be held strictly liable for any injury or damage caused by a defective appliance (e.g., gas dryers, stoves, water heaters).

The above are just a few examples of potential responsible parties. Others include: other tenants and their guests, business owners, and adjacent landlords. The bottom line is that you need an experienced personal injury attorney with the resources to perform the most thorough investigation of evidence as well the know-how to navigate every legal avenue available. The fire injury attorneys are ready to help you.

If a fire has hurt you or has hurt your family, you need to contact The fire injury attorneys immediately so can help you begin the process of seeking your fair and just financial recovery. While there may be an insurance policy readily available in case of a fire, you will need an experienced attorney to help you deal with the insurance company and file a lawsuit if the proper financial remedy is not immediately offered. 

Class Action Lawsuit Filed After Train Derailment Causes Chemical Fire.

On July 2, 2015, a train owned by CSX Transportation, Inc. derailed in Maryville, Tennessee. One of the train cars was carrying acrylonitrile, a toxic chemical, that started to leak after the derailment, and subsequently caught on fire. According to The Daily Times, the chemical fire forced 5,000 residents of Maryville to evacuate their homes.

Kelli and Aaron Johnson are listed as the named plaintiffs representing the 5,000 evacuated residents of Maryville. They are represented by Maryville attorney Kevin Shepherd. According to Shepherd, CSX was negligent in their operation of the train, and this negligence led to the derailment and subsequent chemical fire. Shepherd is also claiming that the evacuation has caused the evacuated residents inconvenience and nuisance. He acknowledges that different residents have been affected in different ways, depending on how close they lived to the crash site. Some residents have been forced to miss work and school because of the evacuation, while others simply moved in with friends or family living elsewhere.

About 4,000 tons of soil have been removed from the site, although it is unclear how much of the remaining soil has been in contact with the chemical.

Train accidents and derailments can cause severe and long-lasting injuries. These train accidents are caused by a number of factors, including the negligence or recklessness of the train operator or company. Victims may be able to sue train companies if they can prove that the injuries they suffered were caused by the company’s negligence or recklessness. Victims may be entitled to collect money damages to compensate for such things as pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a train accident, please call expert train accident lawyers

Boy Awarded $500,000 After Being Burned at YMCA Camp in Minnesota.

Approximately 2.4 million burn injuries occur in the United States each year. Over 650,000 of these injuries are treated by medical professionals, 75,000 of which require hospitalization. Twelve thousand patients who suffer burns die each year, and approximately one million sustain substantial or permanent disabilities resulting from their injury. In such a scenario, the services of an expert Boston burn injury lawyer is likely necessary.

On June 28, 2013 Sir Spartucus Marion Sanders, a 9-year-old boy, was visiting the Mankato, Minnesota YMCA for a five-day camping trip along Lake Washington. The campers performed a talent show around a campfire and were going to Lake Washington to watch a camp counselor perform a song. Unfortunately, Sanders tripped and fell into the fire pit. He suffered second and third degree burns on his right and left arms and his hands. Sanders was taken to the hospital where he remained for two weeks and underwent three surgeries. Additionally, he had to undergo several skin grafts on his thigh and buttock, which have resulted in scarring. He also attended sessions with a psychologist to help him cope with the incident andhis injuries.

Sanders filed a lawsuit for his injuries against the YMCA and Camp Patterson, the company that rented the YMCA for the trip. The jury decided that the YMCA was 80 percent responsible, Camp Patterson was 15 percent responsible and Sanders was 5 percent responsible. The award was split between past and future health expenses and pain and suffering

If you or a loved one has suffered burn injuries, please contact  burn injury lawyers .



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