Ebay Hangs During My Sign-In

By Prev Info - October 24, 2022

 You must sign into your eBay account in order to access capabilities like bidding and selling, so if eBay hangs during your sign in, you are unable to make use of your account. Several reasons may underlie the site "hanging" or failing to log in properly or completely, some of which are unrelated to your account itself.

Ebay Hangs During My Sign-In

Cache and Cookies

After you sign into a website for the first time, your Web browser can automatically retains your log in information and inputs it on your behalf next time you visit the website, a functionality colloquially known as a "cookie." Likewise, the browser stores a copy of the page in its "cache," which enables it to load faster. Either of these can cause eBay to hang when you sign in -- the cookie if your sign in information has changed; a cached version of the page if the browser caches a page with an error -- so clear browsing data within your browser to remedy both issues. Alternatively, having cookies disabled can also cause sign-in problems.

Connection Lagging

Another reason that eBay sign in is slow or even stops is that your Internet connection is lagging or has lapsed entirely. To test your Internet connection, visit a page that typically loads quickly -- Google and Yahoo! are two examples -- and take note of how long it takes to load, if it loads at all. Reset your modem or router and attempt to re-connect if the connection is slow or isn't working. If that doesn't work, contact your Internet service provider to learn about additional troubleshooting options.

Computer Memory

Irrespective of the eBay website itself, your Web browser requires a certain amount of the computer's random access memory or "RAM" to function, which means that a perceived "hang" may actually be symptomatic of the computer freezing. If your computer is already using most or all of its RAM, which allows multiple applications to run at once, close out of any applications you aren't using -- including idle Web browser tabs or windows -- then try again.

Account or Server Error

Alternatively, your account may hang upon sign in due to an issue with the account or with the eBay website as a whole. To see whether the issue is account specific, have a friend who also uses eBay log in and see if his log in doesn't work. If it doesn't, you know the issue is site-wide. If his log in is successful and yours isn't, contact an eBay customer service representative at to see where the problem might lie.



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