Do Not Just Assume That Elevators Are An Unlikely Place For An Accident

By Prev Info - October 19, 2022

 Stepping into an elevator may very well be one place that you would never consider a place where an accident can happen that could end up causing you a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. Most people never do think of an elevator being a place that they could sustain various injuries or even risk the chance of losing their life, but it does happen every single year. Do not just assume that elevators are an unlikely place for an accident. There are as many as 30 individuals who will end up losing their life each year because of accidents that occur in an elevator. This is on top of the more than 10,000 people who will suffer other types of bodily injuries they have sustained in an elevator accident.

You may be someone who did in fact suffer an injury in an elevator in San Bernardino, but you were not quite sure of who would be the responsible party so you did not bother with filing a claim. Professional elevator accident attorneys have the experience in finding out if the building owner or managers may be liable from lack of maintenance on the elevators, or other regulations that may not have been followed correctly. Even if you did not file a claim at the time of your accident, you may still be able to file a claim for the bodily injury you suffered because the statute of limitations on an accident of this nature is up to three years. This means that you may still be able to receive compensation for the hospital bills, prescription costs and other charges that were associated with the injuries of your accident.

There are a variety of different safety inspections that building owners and managers are responsible for having done. There are also other regulations that must be followed. When they fail to follow each of these, it could very well mean an accident waiting to happen. Injuries a person can receive in an elevator accident can include broken or fractured bones, head injury, paralysis, back or neck injuries, and a variety of other very serious injuries.

If you or one of your family members has been involved in an elevator accident in Los Angeles recently or in the recent past, let the areas leading professional elevator accident attorneys Los Angeles handle your bodily injury claims and you can be assured of receiving the highest amounts possible for your lawsuit. Accident lawyers Los Angeles typically have the specialized experience that is required to get to the bottom line on a case such as this.

The next time you are about to step inside, do not just assume that elevators are an unlikely place for an accident





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