Dictaphone Audio/Video Eraser Instructions

By Prev Info - October 19, 2022

Dictaphones that play mini-cassettes and hook up to foot pedal controls are office relics like the typewriter and the word processor. Modern digital dictaphones can replay voice and video recordings because they hold data memory cards like digital cameras and mobile phones. Memory cards store files in computer-compatible formats like .wma and .mpeg. 

When used in conjunction with transcription software, memory card dictaphones speed up the process of getting spoken word into printed form by eliminating the need to type. Once a user knows how to navigate a dictaphone's menu functions, accessing and erasing stored audio and video files become simple tasks.


1 - Confirm that your memory card is secure in the dictaphone's memory card slot.

2 - Follow the dictaphone manufacturer's directions to access the menu. The menu allows users to access all data stored on the memory card.

3 - Press the "menu" button or recommended corresponding buttons until a prompt shows on the dictaphone's screen indicating that you have reached the memory card.

4 - Follow manufacturer recommendations to navigate memory card folders and files. For instance, you may have to press the "menu" button again to select the memory card, then use your rewind or fast-forward play keys to move through the folders and files.

5 - Highlight or select the file you want to erase. The ability to highlight or select will differ according to dictaphone maker. You may have to press the "menu" button or a different display screen navigator.
6 - Read your dictaphone manual. Options for the file you select file may appear on the screen, or you may have to manually find them by using one or more of the hard case buttons.

7 - Navigate until you see the word or phrase that begins with the words "erase" or "delete." Press "menu" or another suitable button to activate this function.

8 - Press the button that corresponds to "yes" if you are prompted to confirm your erasure.

Tips & Warnings

- Common dictaphone hard case or function buttons are "Menu," "Play," Rec," "Rew" and "FF" and you may use any to access and navigate memory card files, depending upon manufacturer specifications.

- Save important data on your memory card to a computer hard drive or external disk.

- A malfunctioning device or an operating mistake may erase memory card data.

- Formatting a memory card to use with your device automatically erases all data previously stored on the card.



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