Determining Damages After a Truck Accident

By Prev Info - October 18, 2022

 For a passenger car collision with a commercial truck, surviving the accident is just the first hurdle. A large truck carrying potentially tons of cargo can be many times heavier and larger than a car, so the damage to an automobile can be catastrophic. It is imperative to hire a truck accident lawyer right away, for he or she will have specialized experience and can interpret the unique circumstances of each individual truck accident. Timely access to such a lawyer can tip the case in your favor.

Medical expenses are often the primary concern, and the damages awarded need to be different based on the nature of each case. The extent of the injuries, type of therapy or surgeries required, how long a person is hospitalized or being treated as a result of their injuries and/or pain, as well as productive time lost out of work factor into the total economic damages. Less severe injuries require less financial compensation, as the victim might return to work in a few weeks or even days and require a lesser degree of medical treatment. Salary and age are also significant factors.

With effective legal counsel, you can also be entitled to compensation for damage to your car, resulting in a sum of money to repair or even replace it. Loss of consortium is another form of compensation; it helps married couples deal with the loss of financial or other benefits from their spouses. 

In the worst case, if a loved one has been killed in a truck accident, wrongful death suits can help surviving family members cope with medical and funeral costs as well as lost income from the victim. There are also various non-economic damages, which include compensation for pain and suffering as well as the impact on one's lifestyle from such after-effects as post-traumatic stress, disability, or disfigurement.

Consulting with a professional truck accident lawyer can help you get a fair and appropriate settlement following an accident with a truck. The trucking company has greater power to defend themselves and present the evidence in their favor than you do alone. A common practice for trucking companies is to get accident victims to sign medical release forms, or even get the victim to make statements to the company or an insurer. They'll also try to persuade you not to contact legal counsel, but this is only in their best interest.

An attorney experienced in truck accident law and personal injury law works to get you the compensation you deserve. They do not represent a trucking company, which is trying to get out of as much liability as it can. In cases of serious injury or death, it is often hard to conceive of any amount that can "make up for" the damage caused. However, a truck accident lawyer can help you determine the appropriate amount to request to help you and your family recover as much as possible.





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