Cycling for Weight Loss

By Prev Info - January 20, 2023

Weight loss is a buzz word in today’s world, more often in teens and adults. However, maintaining a healthy weight should be everybody’s first priority, as this is a key for healthy and disease-free life. Recently cycling is coming up as an effective means of weight loss. More than being economical, it burns a lot of calories, adds fun to your weight loss regimen and most important of all, it is good for the overall fitness.

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Cycling for Weight LossSo, if you are a little tensed about how to lose those extra pounds, you can now think about cycling as your weight loss aid. Dust off your bike and take it out of your garage for a quick spin. If you do not have a bike in your garage, you can visit an outlet and buy a new one to start off. This will  certainly prove to be an ideal weight loss exercise for you, than joining your local gym.

However, there are other factors to be considered while starting riding your bike for weight loss. Consult a physician to discuss your diet plan, how much calories should you burn on a daily basis, moderate speed at which you should ride the bike and how much riding is fine for you in a day, etc.

Benefits of Cycling


As discussed above, cycling is a cheaper option with a very little or no investment (if you already have a bike). You do not need any additional training to start off riding bike.

Overall Fitness

Cycling improves overall health, by toning the muscles, increasing the stamina, improving heart rate and gives strength and resistance to the body.

Environment Friendly

By opting for cycling, you are actually contributing to a social cause as this will prevent pollution and promote green earth.

Ideal Exercise

Cycling is one of the exercises, which do not need weight bearing. So, for some people with osteoporosis, arthritis or any other bone and joint disorder, high impact exercises are not recommended. However, cycling being a low impact exercise, is just ideal exercise for almost every one.

Burns More Calories

As compared to other low-impact exercises, cycling burns more calories. Although, the total number of calories burned depend upon how much a person weighs, how much he exerts and other such factors, but by cycling hard, a person weighing 80 kg can lose around 500 calories per hour.

What you Need before you Start:

If you already have a bike, and have kept it in your garage, you just need to look for the other accessories and dust off the bike. This can get you started with cycling for weight loss. However, if you need to begin from scratch, here’s what you will have to look for:


Bike safety helmet


Water bottle

Spare inner tubes, bike pump, basic toolkit

Bike shorts, gloves, speedometer, and heart rate monitor (optional)

Tips Before you Start Cycling for Weight Loss:

Make cycling an enjoyable exercise while you gain the benefit of healthy and fit weight. Follow these tips to make this weight loss regime more fun and beneficial.

Incorporate a schedule for cycling for every day. Decide a particular time to go for the ride and  ride it for at least an hour and a maximum of an hour thirty minutes. However, start off gentle and take short journeys in your local block.

You can also try to skip taking your car out for going shopping or to work, to visit friend’s place and rather do cycling for local visits too.

While in the beginning, stick to flat surfaces, but slowly add challenges to your cycling by riding on steeper roads or mountain roads, which ensure a little extra calories burning for a day.

Cycling is an ideal exercise that keeps the body fit and boosts the strength and the stamina of an individual. However, if you are overweight and need to burn some calories, cycling can help you with it as well. Just follow the above tips and consider the given benefits of cycling to achieve your goal and it may set you on your path. To make cycling fun,keep changing the routes that you ride on and you will be happy doing your weight loss exercise.