Convey Your Message Effectively With Business Cards

By Prev Info - October 18, 2022

 In today’s world of emailing, Facebook, and tweeting, people and businesses have forgotten to power of traditional marketing techniques. In just a few clicks, communication is sent and able to reach a huge market. But still, there’s nothing like the power of the good old business card when it comes to delivering information into the hands of a prospect’s hands. A well designed business card will be handy in any event like when you meet potential customers in a restaurant, when you introduce yourself to a new group of friends, or when attending business events. Your business card will allow you to continue the conversation with a prospect long after you have gone your separate ways.

Business Cards

But the question now is how to ensure your business cards effectively convey the message you want your target customers to get.

What design should you choose

If you run a creative business such as a flower shop, a dance school, or an art shop, you need to design a card with a graphic design that best showcases your personality. Your contact information can go in front and some added value at the back such as printing a discount coupon, calendar, or inspirational message at the back. In any event, you need to choose a sturdy and light colored paper stock. Likewise, choose a simple font such as Tahoma and Arial. Such font styles are easy to read, especially when printed in black or navy blue.

What should be included in the card

Every business card printing must include the basic contact information of the business. This includes the business name, phone numbers, address, and website (if you have one). Make sure that your voicemail message is apt for your business and if ever you include your email in the card, be sure that it has to have your name, but cutesy and flowery adjectives. Make sure that your profile is professional and that there are no typos.

How do you present your card

It is important that your business cards are neat and clean all the time. You never know when you will meet potential customers, so it is important that you have your cards ready neatly in your bag. A business card holder will help keep your business cards tidy. Investing in a creatively designed card will ensure people get a good first impression of you.

It is important that you give your business cards only to those people you plan to follow up within the week. When you reach out, remind them of your past conversation. You can also consider recommending to them a restaurant or a place where you are sure they would enjoy. This would show your prospects that you care for them and ready to help them in any way you can.

One final tip

Be sure to design a unique business card. This will ensure people notice your card and encourage them keep it for future reference. You can consider creating a plastic or magnet card; a card shaped uniquely; a card that has your photo; and many other design options. There’s basically no boundary when it comes to designing your business card. Your imagination is your limit. You can use any color you want as long as it best represents the image you want to convey to your prospects.





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