Construction Site Injuries According to a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

By Prev Info - October 19, 2022

 The construction industry is one of the largest employers in the state of California and it is also one of the most hazardous work environments to be employed in. As a result, a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles has to deal with cases involving construction site injuries on a regular basis. This leads to the question how and why do construction site injuries happen?

In general construction site work injuries fall into three categories; those which incur injuries through the negligence of others, those in which the injured victim hasn't followed proper safety procedures; or those who have sustained an injury caused by faulty equipment, whether that be faulty machinery, tools, scaffolding or ladders.

There are two main causes of injury on a construction site and they are as follows:


Falls are by far the most leading cause of accidents on a construction site and this is something that a LA personal injury lawyer will deal with a lot. It is recommended that any area that rises six feet or more above the lowest point is legally required to have protection. Whether this is a ramp, trench wall, walkways, or a roof, they all must have fall protection and this comes in the shape of guard rails, individual warning light systems, safety nets or even individual harnesses.

Impact or collisions involving vehicles

This is the second leading problem on a construction site and involves crashes between one or more vehicles that are present on a construction site. In order to prevent such accidents from happening safety precautions are in place. All vehicles that work on construction sites have to have a fully functional braking system, including emergency brakes. On top of this they must also be equipped with audible reversing systems, warning lights, power windscreen wipers and windows and doors as a means of escape if necessary. Finally any vehicle which is to be used in the dark must also have fully working lights and must carry reflective strips.

Other construction site injuries occur but they are not as prevalent as the above. Instances such as electrocution, impact from falling objects, poisoning through toxic substances and injuries caused through faulty equipment are all part and parcel of the hazards of working on a construction site in California.

In the state of California, the majority of claims are processed through workers compensation channels and this is not normally something that a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will have to deal with unless the victim wants to pursue an independent claim. 

However if the accident was caused by the negligence of a person or party that does not work for the same company as the injured victim, (people such as delivery drivers, independent contractors, equipment manufacturers or property owner then it may be possible to file for a 'third party' claim.

These types of claims can often be difficult to prove as independent contractors or entities will endeavor to pass the buck onto another contractor, party or entity and it can sometimes be hard to make a negligence claim stick. 

However an experienced LA personal injury lawyer will have the financial backing to be able to call upon independent experts who can help with the case. People such as accident reconstruction experts, equipment specialists and medical experts can all be called upon to present their findings back to the lawyer. The lawyer will then use this valuable evidence to apportion blame.

In terms of compensation, this type of claim can often deliver way above that of workers compensation as a workers comp claim will only take into consideration the injury itself and payout will be according to the severity and length of recovery time. 

However with a third party claim an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney can also base a compensation package on any emotional pain and suffering caused by the accident, future ongoing care if needed, and punitive damages filed directly against the negligent party.

As you can see, it is vital if you are in the situation where you might need to make a third party claim to speak to a highly skilled attorney. They will understand the paths that they need to take in order to deliver you the full and fair compensation package for your injuries, as quickly and efficiently as possible.





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