Choosing a Dog: Dog Breeds and Canine Health

By Prev Info - October 10, 2022

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No wonder dogs are known as man's best friend. Dog owners know of no greater joy than knowing and loving a dog. Dogs are loyal companions from the start. If you haven't yet experienced the special bond that many have with a dog, you're in for a treat as you get to know your new dog. But before choosing a dog, you should know about certain factors and decisions you will have to make.

Choosing a Dog: Dog Breeds and Canine Health

Before you run out and buy your new pooch, do a little research into different dog breeds. Some dogs are very family oriented while others tend to give their loyalty to only one person. Certain breeds are more tolerant of children than others. Then consider the size issue. That Dalmatian puppy may be cute now, but how well will she fit into your two-bedroom flat when she's a full-grown dog? Is your house so busy that a very small breed runs the risk of being stepped on? Think carefully before choosing a dog breed.

Canine health is another important consideration when choosing from the many dog breeds. Certain breeds have genetic problems that can affect their health. Some large breed dogs, for instance, develop hip problems later in life. Ask your breeder about any breed-specific health problems.

When you choose your new puppy from the litter or at the local animal shelter, you may be better off choosing a dog who is active, but not overly aggressive and nippy. The puppy should have clear eyes and clean ears. Her nose should be free of discharge. While you want to avoid overly nippy pups, don't pick the one that flinches or cowers when you approach either. Puppies should be active but not aggressive. If one of the puppies in a litter seems sick, you'd be well advised to avoid choosing a dog from among her littermates.

How Old is Your Dog?

So, how many dog years are there in one human year? In part, that depends on how big your dog is. Larger dogs tend to age more quickly than their smaller cousins. A nine-year-old Yorkshire terrier is in her fifties, in dog years. By comparison, a Saint Bernard of the same human age is in her early seventies. Find out how much your puppy will weigh as an adult, and check out the chart below.

How Old is Your Dog

Choosing a Dog's Name: Fido? Rover? Augustus?

Dog names are limited only by your imagination. If you want to name your miniature poodle after your favorite basketball player, go for it! Bear in mind that when you're calling your pooch, lengthy dog names may be a bit of a mouthful. If you're planning on naming your King Charles spaniel Empress Theodora Vanessa Olivander, you might want to train her to simply respond to Empress!

The Basics of Dog Care

Dogs are great. When you bring home an adorable puppy for the first time, the entire family is thrilled. But before you take that step and invite a dog into your life, keep in mind that in addition to all that love, a dog requires serious responsibility on your part. Loving a dog is easy. Caring for a dog takes effort.

Here are some tips for taking proper care of your dog:

- Diet is of the utmost importance for the good health of your dog. Feed him a nutritious diet so that he'll grow strong and healthy.

- Bathe your dog regularly to keep him clean and comfortable.

- Check your dog's skin regularly for fleas or ticks. These parasites can be a source of discomfort (and illness) for dogs. If left untreated, they can cause great anguish for both of you.

- Play with your dog. He'll relish the attention and love you all the more.

- Frequently take your dog out for walks. The fresh air and exercise will do you both some good.

- When your dog is away from home, always keep him on a leash.

- Keep your dog's tags visible and up to date. You never know when he might wander away from home.

- Find a qualified veterinarian in your neighborhood and make regular visits. Annual check-ups, routine vaccinations, and general care will go a long way to ensuring a long and healthy life for your pet.

You'll have more contact with your dog or puppy than any other person in the world. Dogs can provide a lifetime of love and companionship. Return this devotion by ensuring your dog's continued care and comfort. Be sure that you can afford both the routine expenses and emergency care before bringing a dog home.





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