Car Accidents & Other Traffic Accidents JUST SAY NO!

By Prev Info - October 19, 2022

When injured in a car accident, always insist on fair value for the injury you’ve incurred. Say NO! to unfair settlement offers

If you live and work in Atlanta, you know all about the traffic problems on our roads and highways. While the population growth in Atlanta since the early 1990’s has been welcome in many ways, the daily log jams on the Perimeter, Interstates 85, 75, 285 and GA 400 aren’t good for our city’s collective blood pressure. As home to one of the worst highway bottlenecks in the nation, according to a recent Congressional report, there are many short tempers on the highways of Atlanta.

While the delays in traffic are bad, what’s worse is the steady rate of traffic accident-related injuries occurring in Atlanta. The total number of fatalities and injuries in car accidents, commercial and light truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents in Atlanta and across Georgia has remained higher than the national norm for at least a decade, with about 130,000 wrecks every year. The combination of ongoing construction, high stress levels and more driver distractions is often cited as a major cause of the increased dangers on Atlanta’s roads. Frustrated drivers or drivers in a hurry often make reckless maneuvers on the road that can cause injuries to other drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Too often, injured victims of car accidents simply accept what the insurance company offers them in compensation, without questioning the fair value of the injury they have incurred. Even if you don’t know what that fair value may be, it is a serious mistake to take your insurance company’s word for it. Insurance companies have a team of adjusters, investigators and attorneys whose sole purpose is to limit the liability of the insurance company and minimize the amount of money the company pays to injured people. Getting an injured victim to agree to accept their first offer makes things easy and convenient – at least for the insurance company.

Collecting on Car Accident Injuries: Staring down the insurance company

Any attorney with knowledge of how insurance companies handle car accident injury claims can tell you that during the last several years, the insurance industry has collectively followed a policy that intentionally cheats motor vehicle accident injury victims. This policy provides that no injured person should be offered a fair value that accurately reflects the long-term extent or cost of the injury. Serious and life altering injuries are consistently undervalued.

To protect and promote this agenda, many insurance carriers have created in-house captive law firms and hired low cost outside counsel, giving them the option to affordably try cases. Against this resistance, many car wreck lawyers either refuse to aid injury victims or talk their clients into accepting the crumbs that the insurance company has offered. The insurance companies know who these “settling” lawyers are and they pay their clients accordingly.

 we consider this a reprehensible approach to practicing personal injury law. We believe that when lawyers perform this way, they lose, their clients lose, and the American system of justice loses. As experienced trial lawyers, we know that unless we insist on fair and just compensation for our clients, they’ll never get it. The insurance companies recognize that our clients have hired formidable legal counsel to help them, and appreciate our willingness to take a case to trial. 

car accident lawyer is often able to persuade an insurance company to settle before trial for full compensation that covers all costs for the many interruptions and changes a motor vehicle wreck can cause in someone’s life, including their long-term medical care, mental health and well being. When serious injuries such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, dismemberment or severe burns occur in car wrecks, making a full and fair assessment of the financial costs for you and your family requires attorneys who’ve worked in the personal injury field exclusively and who understand the value of big cases.

Car Accident Lawyer

Trial attorney experience:  car accident lawyers have more experience trying cases of serious personal injury and taking on insurance companies and auto manufacturers than do most lawyers. such as design flaws in the vehicle (such as an SUV rollover) or tires (defective tire beading). Flaws in automatic and manual seatbelts and airbags are also a common cause of serious injury where none should have occurred.  

When a defect in a motor vehicle is determined as the cause of death or injury, obtaining the compensation you truly deserve can require months of investigation and lawsuits against multiple parties. Having experienced trial lawyers prepared to work around the clock for you is essential in these situations.

Technology: An important dimension of a plaintiff’s argument in car and truck accident injury cases is presenting the jury with a visual re-enactment of the scene where the wreck occurred. A clear and accurate presentation of the wreck can be the decisive factor in your case. 

When you hire car accident lawyer  you’re not just hiring an attorney. You’re hiring an entire firm. law office is equipped with the latest in trial technology as well as the knowledge and experience to create the most compelling presentations in the courtroom.





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