Business Cards Reflect Your Professionalism

By Prev Info - October 18, 2022

First of all

Put yourself in your clients shoes. They don't know you from a bar of soap. Yes, you can talk the talk - anyone in business ought to be able to do that at least! It's a given. But while you are giving your dissertation on the merits of your product or service - the prospect is 'sussing you out'. Is this guy a shonk? Can he do the job I require him to do? These are all question they are asking themselves, while you blab away like a blurry dream sequence you see in the movies! (They don't take as much notice of what you say as you'd like to think)

Business Cards

As superficial as this might be, people will judge you on your appearance and other supposedly petty aspects of you. For the guys - did you shave this morning? (or, did you cut yourself shaving). Is your shirt ironed? Have you still some of this mornings breakfast on your mostache? These little subtle hints to your personal disciplines are sadly reflected on your professionalism. Hey, I know it's not fair - but it's a reality.

Now your monologue has come to an end, and it's time to part ways - but alas - you remember to give them a business card. The universal method of sharing your contact information! You go to your wallet (or purse), to pull a limp-smudged-sorry-excuse-for-a-business-card! No matter how good you were going before, how do you think things are panning out at that point?

Not happy Jan!

I'm sure you can see where I'm headed. The limp card, reflects on your professionalism. The smudged details can easily point to un-reliability. If the artwork was designed by you, and you're not a professional, it probably screams, "two-bit-backyard-shonky". Yes, I know it was easy to create and you did it in MS Word....or you got your 10 year old daughter to create on the computer because she a genius etc etc...

If you want to be taken seriously, you need to get seriously good quality designed cards with high quality printing. A nice double sided laminate that keeps your card from smudging in your wallet and more importantly in your prospects!

Yes, It's going to cost you a sum of money. It won't be dirt cheap. But it's going to do yourself the biggest favour for your startup. A quality designed and printed business card! I was talking to a friend who I designed a high quality logo and business card design for his promotional events company. He told me that he wouldn't have been able to get thousands of dollars of membership - without his quality designed and printed business cards.

Don't scrimp where it counts! Get a quality design, with a quality printed business card! You're investing in your credibility!



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