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By Prev Info - October 19, 2022

Over a million people are injured on stairs or steps over a one-year period, according to a study conducted at Cornell University. Broken or eroded tread, no handrail or only a partial handrail, irregular risers, torn carpeting and articles left on the stairs are all common causes of stair-based injuries.  One study found that over 80% of homes with stairways surveyed had at least one of these hazards, and more than half had two or more of these risk factors.

The majority of falls on stairs happen when people slip and fall down the stairs rather than when climbing.  Secure, well-positioned handrails improve safety. Not surprisingly, a stairway with no handrail or a rickety, poorly secured handrail is much more dangerous than one that is safely designed and maintained.

Staircase risers have a major impact on safety. The riser is the vertical or almost vertical space between one step and the next. Designs that include irregular risers (example: two steps are 7 inches high, while the next step is 5 or 8 inches high), or narrow stair treads (treads that are less than 10 inches wide) are more dangerous. The Cornell study recommends tread width of at least 11 inches and an optimal riser height of 7.2 inches.

The element of surprise contributes to many trips and falls on stairs. Steps that are in unexpected locations or are hard to see  lead to a large number of injuries in public spaces and homes.  Owners should make unexpected stairs safer by marking them with signs, brighter lighting, distinctive riser markings or unique carpeting to set them off from the surrounding area.  Verbally warning visitors about hard-to-see sets of short stairs can boost safety.

Common injuries from falls on stairs include sprained or broken ankles, legs, wrists, and arms.  Staircase fall injuries frequently include knee, back and shoulder injuries.

defective or broken stair injury lawyers in Austin can investigate and identify the causes of your stair-based injury, provide detailed explanations of the elements that have to be proved to prevail, help you understand the work we do on your behalf, and keep you updated on the status of your claim.

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