Aggressive Male Umbrella Cockatoo Behavior

By Prev Info - October 24, 2022

 Umbrella cockatoos are loving pets, but they are not always nonaggressive. When it comes to cuddly birds, few can beat the umbrella cockatoo. but even the sweet umbrella cockatoo can be aggressive. For one thing, an umbrella or any feathered friend can be aggressive if not properly raised or if ignored. And male umbrella cockatoos are especially prone to troublesome behavior at certain times, becoming jealous and territorial. Have a question? Get an answer from a Veterinarian now!

Umbrella Cockatoo

Mating Season

Male umbrella cockatoos are notorious for hormonal aggression during the winter months, when they seek to mate.This shift occurs even if no potential mates are around to agitate him -- a behavior rarely seen in females. Hormonal males may bite, scream or lunge at anyone in the house. They may become clingy. Patience and lots of positive attention are the best means of soothing a hormonal bird.

Pay Attention

Umbrella cockatoos like to chat, play and be cuddled. They crave a lot of attention and may start acting out if they feel ignored. Males especially can be prima donnas who will let you know they want your attention immediately. Attention-starved males may shriek or, if they feel really neglected, take their aggressions out on your furniture. Umbrella cockatoos need attention and stimulation. Play with them, lavish them with toys and attention, and save your ears and your couch.


Cockatoos are affectionate and loyal pets who bond strongly with their owners. They create deep emotional ties that can lead to jealousy and possessive behavior. When a new person or pet enters your house, your bird's affection for you can lead to screaming, biting, feather plucking and thrashing in the cage -- because they don't like someone other than themselves getting your attention. Get your bird used to others being part of your life at a young age and introduce him to new pets and people slowly. Make sure he knows that the newcomer is not going to take away his favorite person.

Maybe He's Scared

Your cockatoo's aggressive screeching or nipping could be his way of telling you he's afraid of something. Umbrella cockatoos are sensitive creatures. If the house is too loud for him or your children, or the dog frighten him, he is likely to act out with aggression. Observe your cockatoo when he acts out. Once you find what's frightening him, take steps either to train and socialize him or to alter your environment and potentially remove the threat. Always be patient and loving toward him.



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