12 Creative Ideas for Your Child’s Scrapbook

By Prev Info - October 24, 2022

Scrapbooking a childhood is an exciting pursuit that offers an endless array of creative possibilities and can involve the entire family. There is no single right way to scrapbook, and each scrapbooker has a great deal of flexibility to create a unique collection of mementos that is much more than the sum of its parts.


What is Scrapbooking?

 An important aspect of scrapbooking is journaling, which the crafter uses to describe, explain, and accent the various items collected. In other words, a scrapbook is a way of preserving memories that gives them context and engages the reader, and a well-made scrapbook is a family treasure worth passing down through the generations.

What is a Child’s Scrapbook

For most families, scrapbooks about the children are the most precious kind. Children are a family’s legacy, but childhood passes by too fast. Therefore, a scrapbook for a child is a way of capturing the essence of the individual’s unique childhood. A child’s scrapbook tends to emphasize childhood milestones, but it also incorporates the small moments, time and place, and, perhaps most importantly, the child’s unique personality. Scrapbooks for children can often grow quite large, so many scrappers organize the journey into stages: pregnancy, baby, toddler, childhood, adolescence, and so forth.

How to Be Creative while Scrapbooking

The key to being effectively creative while making a child’s scrapbook is to find a unique voice that fits the child’s personality. If the child is still a baby, then find a voice that reflects the parents’ experience. As the book evolves, sections will form. Each section should have its own unique voice or theme. The same is true of pages, each of which should try to tell its own story. In the process of trying to find these voices, themes, and stories, the scrapbooker’s natural creativity will come to the forefront.

12 Creative Strategies

The best way to begin scrapbooking and get the creative juices flowing is to dive right in. The following list includes twelve resourceful ideas that all scrappers can apply to a child’s scrapbook.

1. It’s Never Too Early to Start

Perhaps the most unfortunate mistake that scrapbookers make is waiting to begin the scrapbooking process. The child doesn’t have to be walking and talking for the scrapbook to be interesting; in fact, the child doesn’t even have to be here yet. The best scrapbooks for children begin during the pregnancy and even earlier and follow the child’s life from the preparation of the parents all the way through the teenage years to the first day of college.

2. Include Mommy and Daddy

Another common mistake is failing to include the parents, other family members, and important friends. It is easy to fall into the trap of making the scrapbook too child-centric. Remember, a scrapbook is about giving context to the memories being preserved. Mom, Dad, and all siblings should have a strong presence throughout the book. Consider giving each of them their own page. Friends and other family should make appearances throughout the scrapbook but do not require special attention.

3. Organize the Scrapbook Like a Story

When planning and creating the child’s scrapbook, think of it as a story. It has a beginning, perhaps the pregnancy, and it has an end, perhaps the first day of college. Don’t feel bound to fleshing out one scrapbook page after the next. Plan pages in advance, and jump around where needed. Keep in mind that some pages will take many years to complete. For each concept that you add to the book, think about what journal text, images and memorabilia will help to turn that memory into a fully realized story.

4. Give Each Page Its Own Theme

Scrapbook pages can collect multiple memories, but each page should have its own theme that ties those distinct ideas together. Themes can be complex, but often, they are as simple as a binding color or pattern. The simplest way to create a theme for a scrapbook page is to use patterned paper or cardstock as the base for the page. Another option is using templates, patterns, and stencils to draw the background onto the page.

5. Design Eye-Catching Titles

Another great way to make each page pop is to give it a clever, concise and eye-catching title. A creative way to create titles is to use letter cutouts from magazines, newspapers, posters, and so forth. Printed material from the Internet is also a great source of letter cutouts. Brief descriptions and accents can also be added this way, but don’t overdo it and always use a smaller font size so as not to give them as much emphasis as the title gets.

6. Decorate Pages with Flair

Provide each scrapbook page its own personality and sense of excitement with flair. Flair should be non-memorabilia items that enhance the page visually and accentuate the memory highlights. Popular choices include ribbons, stickers, and buttons. It is also possible for the scrapper to create their own embellishments using magazine cutouts and images printed from the Web.

7. Emphasize Milestone

Storytellers and scrapbookers often refer to the concept of tent posts. In this context, a tent post is a benchmark, a major moment that helps to give the story its structure. During childhood, these tent posts are milestones, such as walking, birthdays, missing teeth, growth, new experiences, special achievements, and so on. Milestones can be an invaluable tool to help plan out the scrapbook. These pages often take years to fully develop but often become the most precious pages in the collection.

8. Make School a Focal Point

School encompasses many of childhood’s major milestones. Imagine a scrapbook page that includes a photo from every first day of school, kindergarten through twelfth grade. Another excellent scrapbook idea is to create a milestone page using those yearly school pictures: Use small photos, or create a collage by cutting those large school portraits into creative shapes. Make sure to create special pages for special school events, such as dances, science fairs, sporting events and school trips.

9. Capture Summer Activities

School is very structured, which makes it easy to document in a scrapbook; summertime, on the other hand, is not. A creative way to capture the essence of a particular summer is to focus on the activity that the child enjoys best. If the child goes to camp, plays a sport, or is in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, then focus on that pastime. If the child is having a particularly active summer, then there can be two or more focuses for the scrapbook.

10. Create Mood Pages

A fun, creative way to capture a child’s personality is to have separate pages dedicated to a particular mood, particularly the positive ones. Mood pages can be especially engaging when allowed to develop over a period of many years. Consider a smile, laugh or sense of achievement tracked over a period of eighteen years or more. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to target mood shots; they will turn up naturally as you take family photos over the years.

11. Let the Child Add Finishing Touches

As children mature, they will undoubtedly want to be part of the scrapbooking process. An excellent way to include the child is to allow them to add flair and other finishing touches to a page. This way, the adult scrapbooker has great control over the content and layout, but the page will also have the child’s unique touch. It is also a good idea to give the child their own page that they can design however they choose.

12. Document the Scrapbooking Project

The scrapbooking process itself often becomes an important activity in a family’s life. A creative way of including that importance is to document the process in the scrapbook itself. Have scrapbook pages dedicated to the process, and take photos at various stages. Scrapbooking a childhood is a labor of love, and the scrapbook will not be complete if there is no recognition of that effort.

Find Scrapbook Materials on eBay

eBay can be a scrapper’s best friend. The key to scrapbooking well is finding the scrapbooking tools and materials perfectly suited to that particular scrapbooker. eBay offers an unparalleled selection of crafts where the scrapbooker will find a wide range of tools, supplies, materials, and even books and instructions.


Scrapbooking is a wonderful pastime. It preserves memories in a way that will let families cherish them for generations to come. Scrapbooking a childhood is particularly special, because children are a family’s most precious resource and childhood is, by its nature, fleeting. For those new to scrapbooking, perusing the many scrapbook items available on eBay can be a great source of inspiration.





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