Why You Need a Brain Injury Attorney

By Prev Info - February 11, 2022

Why You Need a RiversideBrain Injury Attorney

When you are in any kind of accident that involves an injury to the brain, the rest of your life will immediately change. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may find yourself unable to communicate, walk, remember, think, or even eat. And, because the brain is unable to heal itself like many other parts of the body, the possibility of rehabilitation is not nearly as good.

A brain injury attorney is there to fight for your rights to obtain the best rehabilitation care that you can get, and also to protect your rights to be compensated for the incredible injury that has occurred. Brain injuries occur in any number of events, and can range from minor and short-term to completely debilitating and potentially fatal. A brain injury lawyer who has worked with other brain injured people will be able to provide you not only with their experience but also with their compassion as they have seen people before you fight through their injury.

A severe head or brain injury, known as traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a diagnosis that occurs when the brain has lost oxygen or been bruised or damaged in some other way. When this happens, disability is almost always the case and a brain injury attorney or TBI attorney will be able to help you gain compensation for the many losses that are incurred. Because the brain does not have the ability to heal itself, many brain injuries result in disabilities that are permanent, such as an inability speak, to remember, to communicate, or to walk.

The truth is that many people who experience brain injuries early in life do recover fully, but it can take an awful long time and the life that is lost during that time is irreplaceable. For those people who require lifelong care and assistance, the cost continues forever. You may be tempted to take the first settlement that an insurance company offers, but until you talk to a brain injury lawyer, you should not agree to or sign any document. You may be agreeing to an inadequate settlement, one that will not protect you and will also not allow you to recoup further remuneration if it is needed.

By contacting a brain injury attorney as soon as possible after the brain injury, you will be more likely to be treated appropriately and also given a better chance for a full recover. The rehabilitation time for this type of injury can easily stretch into years beyond the event, and can even be a permanent fixture in a person?s life, so it is important that the victim be fully compensated. Compensation will include not only the funds for the initial hospitalization and care, but for the rest of the patient?s life, the loss of wages, inheritance, pain and suffering, and whatever costs are necessary for the victim to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for the rest of their life.





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