Who can be held liable in a slip and fall accident?

By Prev Info - February 12, 2022

 The slip and fall accident is one of the most difficult to prove and often very multifaceted. In order to give successful legal representation to a slip and fall client it takes an attorney with a complete understanding of the laws in place for this type of accident.

These laws are specific and change often, they use as a base numerous slip and fall accidents that have resulted in premises liability.

The yearly numbers show that there are over ten million cases of slip and fall injuries in the United States per year and many end with disastrous results. Many of these accidents could be avoided were the property owners more alert to the hazard contained on their property. 


Los Angeles accident lawyer are well educated in the changing laws surrounding this type of case and can provide the slip and fall victim with responsible council that is experienced in filing charges against the negligent property owner.

The laws that apply to slip and fall accidents may differ from state to state and while it is a necessary step to determine whom the responsible property owners are at fault. This is necessary to file an injury claim 

Some of the clients of slip and fall accidents that have been represented are injuries due to:

- Slippery or wet floors

- Uneven floors

- Uneven or level public sidewalks

- Ditches and holes that are not properly covered or left uncovered.

Q. What is the explanation of a slip and fall accident?

A. To explain this is it a lawsuit that is filed when someone has been injured in a slip and fall accident on a property such as a store, hotel, restaurant or other place where there is either a wet floor or some type of debris. This can also include a slip and fall in a shower at a hotel, from which injuries occur including back injuries. In this type of case the plaintiff must prove that the property owner knew of the hazard and did not take measures to correct them in a reasonable amount of time. Such as a liquid that was spilled and not mopped up for an hour, or a mopped floor that does not have a sign marking it to alert customers.

However if a plaintiff walked on a marked wet floor and had a slip and fall accident it may be difficult to hold the defendant liable.

Q. Who can be held liable in a slip and fall accident?

A. There are certain facts that distinguish if a property owner can be held liable, the owner or employee must know about the danger, such as liquid that has spilled. In this case while they may not have spilled it reasonable care may prove that it should have been cleaned up prior to the slip and fall accident. However if it is a floor or carpet that has a defect, then this is irresponsibility on the part of the owner, as it should have been repaired.



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