The Ins And Outs Of Auto Technician Training

By Prev Info - February 02, 2022

So, you have decided to tackle auto technician training. Prepare yourself to begin a rigorous (but very rewarding) process. From an auto mechanic school and through the hands on part of your auto mechanic apprenticeship and finishing with an exam that will let you get “Red Seal” certification to work all across the country.


Auto Technician Training


Because secondary school vocational education programs have been on the decline, auto mechanic school is often the first introduction to car engine work and repair. Sometimes, of course, you will get exposure to that sort of work through friends, family or raw determination to be self-taught. In the past, auto technician training started with an apprenticeship at a garage. Of course, the mandatory role of a school is also reflective of the increasing complexity of cars and the tightening safety standards. Cars simply have more parts, including electrical parts. Automation and computer facilitation in things like anti-lock brakes or cruise control is a big difference to a “standard” drive system.

Where the cars of the past might have had a radio, now they come with onboard computers comparable to a tablet or a smartphone. They rely on wafer thin circuit boards rather that wires. Every seat automatically has a seat belt, and front seats usually boast an airbag to reduce impact damage in an accident. Rather than beaten steel panels, modern cars usually only have metal in their frames and decorative details. Instead, cars generally have a chassis of fiberglass or carbon fiber. This, again, takes specialized skills.

Auto mechanic school introduces new students to the sorts of tools they will need for their profession, including welding certification, and the general theory. Though there may be additional proprietary system courses for budding mechanics, the main goal is so that the student is employable in the next stage of their auto technician training. Taking some of the sting out of the lengthy time investment, as soon as they are done the approximately two years of auto mechanic school, apprentices start receiving a salary.

It will be less compensation than a fully certified mechanic, but an auto mechanic apprenticeship presupposes that people on that path will provide the garage that is teaching them with valuable labour. This is a fairly constant trend in trades, and one of the reasons why the long-time investment and heavy manual labour is worth it.

Completing the auto mechanic apprenticeship is done via an examination, the necessary step to pass to journeyman status. There is yet more practical experience needed on top of that, and more exam to become a master mechanic. Additionally, to make the investment more portable, there is a national level exam that makes a mechanic employable anywhere in the country.



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