The Hazards Of Contract Translations

By Prev Info - February 18, 2022

One of the things affected when contracts are translated incorrectly is productivity since it entails additional time and resources for modification. In other cases, companies may lose possible business prospects due to the lack of professionalism that is projected when contract translations are poor. Therefore, technical precision must always coincide with the writing competency of the translator.

Contract Translations

Legal Language Barrier

As in any other language, the legal system has its own database of vocabularies. The process of contract translations therefore needs trusted experts who have studied the legal system with the necessary linguistics background. If this is not feasible, they can develop a group of language and semantics specialists who have minored in law.

The combination of capacities must be a pre-requisite before paying any contract translation company. For the document to be cohesive, translators must use a set of terminologies applicable to the type of agreement and the relevance of the words into the practical setting. These binding arrangements can range from leases, employment, joint ventures construction, to marriage contracts among others.

Deciphering the Meaning

There are cases when a specific word doesn’t have a direct equivalence in another language. This event poses major risks if not properly and promptly addressed. When such incidents occur, the translator must know how to string together a number of native words to capture the essence of the foreign word. They should be able to define the word concisely without bordering on unnecessary descriptions. When such definition is created, contract translations professionals must maintain its usage throughout the whole contract for consistency.

Ambiguity is another element to consider when drafting proficient contract translations since a lot of words can be interpreted in so many different ways. Sometimes, the meaning of a word evolves through time but since legal terms tend to stay intact and conventional, contract translators must have the knack when to use the old meaning from the new. When clauses are vague, a party may not live up to his supposed obligation to the other company. This may lead to incidents of fraud that could have been prevented in the first place. Clarity is then of vital importance because the signing parties would have to agree on the same principles.

Grammar Lessons

The standard grammatical rules in English are typically the basis for correct construction of sentences. Most countries pattern their language systems on these universally accepted rules, however, only a translator who has a direct experience with that certain culture can know the proper flow of words in forming such sentences.

While other languages prefer the use of pronouns in contract translations, some countries merely opt to repeat the nouns. One must also be careful when dealing with languages that have their own set of alphabet and numerals which could be tricky for a beginner. For languages which were formed due to the influence of another, much like Italian and Spanish, it is intensely beneficial to have a thorough proofreader on board.

Aside from those mentioned here, translating contracts still means that you have more considerations on your plate such as following the proper style and format for specific contracts. In doing contract translations, one must be capable of identifying the hazards that could be encountered followed by the most cost-effective and timely solution for a smoother and more accurate interpretation.



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