The Dangerous Business Of Cell Phone Use Whilst Driving

By Prev Info - February 10, 2022

 Any experienced personal injury lawyer will tell you that over recent years there has been a serious increase in vehicle related accidents involving the use of cell phones. In fact some guesses are that at any given moment of any given day, some 800,000 drivers up and down the US are talking on their cell phones whist driving. This is according to research carried out by the NHTSA and is believed to be a conservative estimate.

Unfortunately true statistics also make for grim reading. According to a report carried out by the National Safety Council (NSC)  there were over 1.6 million vehicle related accidents that occurred as a result of distracted driving (or talking on cell phones). 

This equates to around 28% of all vehicle related injuries, so this isn't just a flash in the pan, it's a pretty serious business. So much so in fact that many states have taken it upon themselves to restrict the use of dangerous cell phone activities such as texting or talking whilst driving and operating phones that are not hands free.

Concentration levels

An experienced personal injury attorney explains that every time a driver attempts to make a call, send a text message or bury themselves into a conversation they lose their concentration on the road. In fact recent studies carried out on this very topic suggest that any type of cell phone use can reduce concentration levels that are needed to drive safely by as much as 37%.

 Distracted drivers accounted for over 5000 deaths (although it has to be said that not all these fatalities were due to cell phones) so clearly something has to be done. If you have been involved in an accident involving a distracted cell phone driver, then call a team of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys who can explain where you stand from a legal viewpoint.

Employer liability

One interesting course of action is to hold employers accountable when employees are using cell phones whilst driving. Particularly when it happens to be related to company business. This means that if an employee causes an accident due to being distracted whilst on the cell phone, then an injured party can take out a lawsuit against the driver as well as their employer. Here are some circumstances in which that could happen. A personal injury attorney explains...

The cell phone used was supplied by the company

The accident occurred because of cell phone use

The call taken at the time of the accident pertained to business.

As stated earlier, most states do recognise the serious danger that cell phones have to driving and a result they are taking it upon themselves to introduce methods of control. However as of yet there is no state that has totally banned their usage whilst operating a vehicle. California is amongst one of seven states that ban the use of 'hands on' cell phones and only hands free types are allowed.

Consensus of opinion

In an effort to bring mass awareness to the inherent dangers of driving whilst distracted the Department of Transportation (DOT) hosted a seminar on this very subject. This two-day event was attended by over 250 safety experts, as well as industry and government officials who all wanted the same goals. 

That goal is to put an end to accidents and fatalities involving distracted driving. ​Their aim was to raise awareness of the problem and change the consensus of opinion. They also aimed to make drivers aware of their responsibilities of operating a vehicle that to all intent and purpose is a dangerous weapon. They all agreed that more stringent punishments and fines should be put into place for anyone found breaking cell phone driving laws. On top of this employers should be educated and trained in distracted driving dangers.

Things are starting to slowly move forwards, but certainly not quick enough in order to curtail the horrific amount of accidents due to distracted driving. One things for sure... a personal injury lawyer who is well versed in dealing with such issues explains that the courts and looking more favorably on victims of distracted drivers which means that it is becoming a little easier to win such cases for their clients.





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