Taking Advantage Of Postcards

By Prev Info - February 08, 2022

Let’s admit it. Running a business is no easy job. Aside from being too taxing, it can be downright pricey. But if you just know how to look around, you can see plenty of cost effective ideas that you can practice. Modern technology has made it possible to create affordable business practices that can save you a bundle.

You are probably asking now what business practice can help you lower down the cost of running your business. A good place to start is in your marketing campaign. Many business owners deem it necessary to spend a lot of money in their marketing activities in order to attract more customers. But this would be a huge problem to small and startup businesses with not enough money to carry out their marketing campaign.

There is, however, one good strategy to carry out a marketing plan without spending a lot of money—through postcards. Next to business cards, post cards are an important tool that every business should use. Post cards are like large business cards and mini brochures that showcase your contact information and your products and services in a simple and concise manner. When used and designed properly, a post card can offer the following benefits:

• You can put all your important information in it.

• It is cheap to mail out compared to other direct mail materials

• It can encourage your prospects to read the entire card as there is no need to open up an envelope.

• Despite the popularity of emails and other forms of digital marketing materials, a post card will effectively boost the professionalism of your business.

• A post card is a good way to say thank to your customers and make a positive impression.

• You can send a selective offer to selected customers with post cards. This is something you cannot do in other media that everyone can practically see your promotional offer.

• You can effectively target people who don’t use the Internet much with a post card. If you send them your card, they can be easily encouraged to check out your store and your offerings.

In order though to ensure your postcard printing gives you the response rate you desire, there are several strategies that you need to follow. Here are some of them:

• Your post card should have a strong call to action. You can do this by including an irresistible offer in your post card. For instance, you can print a discount coupon at the back of your card or a redeemable gift item that they can claim upon visit to your store. Even if you are simply sending a thank you post card, a strong to action is still necessary to measure the response rate of your customers.

• Have a good mailing list. The success of your post card campaign will depend much on your target customers. So, it is important that you choose the best people with which to send your post cards. You can decide whether to send your post cards to all the names in your list or only to a portion of it. Either way, it is crucial that you obtain a solid and quality list to ensure high response rate.

• Send a clear and concise message. Post cards don’t have a lot of space to hold all your messages. So, as much as possible organize your message and pick only the important details. Design a headline that effectively supports your message and use simple words. Keep in mind that people have only a second to decide whether your post card is worth reading or not. So, be sure to make every second count by providing your target customers a clear and concise message.

These are only a few strategies you need to follow in your post card campaign. So, why not step ahead and start with your own post cards today.



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