Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Los Angeles

By Prev Info - February 10, 2022

 Accident victims whose injuries involve damage to the spinal cord can expect lifelong residual problems resulting therefrom.  A spinal cord injury affects one’s life in profound ways. Virtually every piece of your life will never be the same. 

Not only is the victim’s life affected, but the family as well. Not only are the financial repercussions severe, but so are the emotional ones. If you are the victim of a spinal cord injury you will require an experienced litigator with enormous resources to insure that you are compensated to the absolute full extent that the law allows. The Law Office has the resources and experience for that to occur.

When the spinal cord is injured the extent of the damage will vary significantly depending on the level  at which the injury occurred:

Quadriplegia:  Damage to the spinal cord in the cervical (neck) area may affect both upper and lower extremities, resulting in complete loss of function, sensation, mobility, as well as other effects of paralysis.

Paraplegia:  Damage to the spinal cord below the cervical area may result in paralysis to ones legs, trunk, and pelvic area.

The litigator that such an accident victim needs to hire must be familiar with the litany of experts, both medical and technical, to properly evaluate and litigate the case in order to achieve the best result for the client/victim. The Law Office is committed to this philosophy and is relentless in its pursuit of Justice for such catastrophically injured individuals.

If you feel you were the victim of a spinal cord injury in the Long Beach or Greater Los Angeles area and need superior, effective legal representation with maximum results, please  you should contact a law firm specialized in such cases