Questions to Ask When Picking a Pediatrician

By Prev Info - February 11, 2022

Prepare a list of questions to ask when selecting a pediatrician.

The most important step that a parent can take to insure that the new baby receives excellent medical care is to take steps to select the best pediatrician possible. Interview pediatricians to find out what the parenting philosophy, office charges, and weekend or evening schedule is. Find out what hospital the doctor is affiliated with, if well-child visits are scheduled, and if the family health carrier is compatible with doctor's office practice. 

Questions to Ask When Picking a Pediatrician

When to Begin Search

Begin your pediatrician selection a few months before the birth of your child. Some of your best sources for advice can be close friends, family members and even co-workers. Prepare a list of questions to ask, such as: did the doctor provide reasonable office hours and fees, or did the pediatrician respect and accommodate their questions, and why they were happy. Consult the state Medical Board to make certain that there are no serious disciplinary actions against the pediatrician candidates.

What Is First-Year Schedule?

During the first year of your baby's growth it is important to find out the frequency of scheduled appointments necessary for the pediatrician to make certain that your baby is progressing normally. Making certain that your baby is meeting normal weight and growth benchmarks throughout the year is important and should be tied into agreed-upon target dates. In addition, as a new parent, you likely will need parent care suggestions like how to address baby food eating problems, sleep issues and various infant wellness concerns.

Pediatrician Availability

Pediatrician availability and access when the infant is ill is important. A parent who has an infant who becomes sick on the weekend, or in the evening, should be able to speak by phone to the doctor, or go to the doctor's office to find out what treatment is needed. A pediatrician who has evening and weekend office hours and provides phone consults makes it convenient for parents who want the baby's illness addressed. Working parents also benefit from pediatricians who schedule office hours on the weekend and in the evening.

Office Charges and Fees

Make certain that you know up front what type of office fees and charges are involved when your baby is being examined during the office visit. You should request a list of fees and charges and make certain that any shots or other medical procedures are listed, as well as what office visits involve flat fees.

Insurance Policy Compatibility

Before you agree to your top choice for your baby's pediatrician, find out if your health insurance carrier will allow you to designate the doctor for your child and approve the selection. For example, if your insurance policy does not allow the hospital the doctor is affiliated with to be used by your family for your baby, should the baby need hospital care you will need to select another pediatrician, according to the website Babies Online.

Pediatrician Parenting Views

Select a pediatrician who is in agreement with your parenting views and philosophy. As a parent, you will be addressing a variety of health and non-health related issues, such as weaning, baby sleep habits, breastfeeding and how and when to administer antibiotics for normal ailments. Have a discussion about these and other issues, so that your baby's doctor will understand your beliefs and advise a course of action that you will be comfortable with following.



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