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By Prev Info - February 10, 2022

What’s good for the economy and the oil industry may be bad for employee safety, according to statistics issued by the CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The U.S. oil industry has been on the upswing over the past few years, which has translated into more jobs for younger, inexperienced oil field workers, many of whom are new to the industry and unfamiliar with the dangers that come with it.

Oil Field Injury Lawyer AustinOil Boom Means More Oil Field Injuries

During slower financial times, injury and fatality rates go down, because the workforce during these periods tends to be older, better trained and more experienced. 

According to experts, the number of injuries increased in oil and gas company jobsite due  ​poor training, long hours, exhaustion and a young, poorly trained workforce.

eather – wind, rain and extreme heat, along with shifts of twelve- to fourteen hours, combined with the challenges of repetitive, highly physical labor, contribute to the exhaustion and hazards. In addition to long shifts over several consecutive days, some believe the oil companies are pushing their crews too hard, demanding high productivity and speed at the expense of safety.

Nationwide, the oil industry boom – and subsequent new employee hiring boom – has benefitted from “hydraulic fracturing,” the controversial technology known as “fracking.” The success of this oil and gas extraction process has led to lots of new hires that some oil industry critics say aren’t being properly trained before being put to work.

Critics also believe the drug-screening process throughout the oil and gas industry has grown lax over the past few years, with alcohol, meth amphetamine and other drugs leading to injuries that could not only impact the drug user, but the crew members working around him.

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