Just How Serious Are Repetitive Movement Injuries? personal injury lawyer los angeles

By Prev Info - February 21, 2022

A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can be extremely helpful if you feel that you have a case for a claim involving repetitive movement injury. Nowadays, there is a growing awareness for companies to safeguard against repetitive movement injuries. Otherwise known as repetitive strain injuries or R.S.I's, they are a serious problem which effects up to 50% of the U.S workforce and in fact, workers such as office staff will take on average 4.75 days a year sick because of it. 

This is turn has a knock on effect with a staggering 120 billion dollars being paid out in workers compensation and lost productivity. So in terms of costs it can be pretty serious. On top of this it can be very painful for the individual concerned.

So what constitutes repetitive movement injuries and what causes it?

In essence repetitive strain injuries (RSI's) are caused when a person carries out the same repetitive tasks over and over again. In the example of an office environment, a data annalist will be required to continuously type information. It is this constant typing away at keyboards that can cause problems with the wrist and fingers, often resulting in painful joints, which if left untreated can be debilitating. 

Injuries such as tendinitis, bursitis and carpel tunnel syndrome can all be forms of repetitive movement injury and can be extreme enough to keep a person off work for quite a while and in some instances can limit them from no longer being able to do that particular job any more. In cases such as these, a Los Angeles personal injury attorney specialising in such injury claims can be on hand to help you seek money for loss of earnings, medical expenses and even future loss of earnings.

The onset of ergonomic office furniture such as desks and chairs are designed to make people as comfortable as possible by supporting the joints and muscles that are constantly being used so that a person can carry out their job without fear of RSI's. Also health and safety advisers now strongly promote the maintenance of correct posture but not until after many RSI cases had been reported.

It is advisable that in order to prevent people from developing repetitive strain injury they don't carry out the same task for longer than one hour without a break. So if an individual is sitting at a computer desk then it is a good idea for that person to get up and stretch their legs, even if it is only for a couple of minutes.

 Other ways to prevent repetitive movement injuries in an office environment is to change the layout of your desk and your computer so that the set up is easier to use. Also if possible you might want to change the height of your desk to avoid unnecessary strain.

So when can a Los Angeles personal injury attorney help?

In most cases, when an individual has had to take time off work due to RSI it is a straight forward workers compensation claim and they will be back to work as soon as their injury has healed, and in general there is no need to involve the services of a lawyer. 

However in some cases you might want to seek the services of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Reasons for this could be that you are no longer able to carry out the job that you have been trained to do because of the severity of your injury. Another reason could be that you have been fired because your employer has either stopped you from making a claim, or you have been bullied into resigning from your position, or simply without real cause or reason. 

Either way a good attorney who is experienced in dealing with such cases can get you the full and fair compensation package that you deserve. If your injury has been caused due to unsafe working conditions or practices then this is again something that your lawyer can deal with. Finally, even if you no longer work for that company and you feel that you have developed repetitive movement injuries because of your previous working practices, damages can still be sought.

Your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will be working on your behalf so that in cases such as the above, you can indeed get your life back on track and try to return to a normal existence.



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