Is An Rv Club What You Are Looking For?

By Prev Info - February 02, 2022

It is no secret that people who buy an RV for camping love their investment. Camping in “the lap of luxury” has become increasingly popular. So much so, that experiencing an outing by one’s self or as a family is starting to become something of the past. Nowadays, there are RV clubs designed to bring those groups of people closer together.

Rv Club

There are many that are put together by the brand of trailer. You can do a search for Airstream or Alpenlite RV groups and find out if there is one in your area or if you can join one that will meet somewhere close to you. These sites will have tips and information about your particular trailer for you to access. These memberships are generally open to anyone who fits the criteria (like owning a certain brand of RV) and dues are normally not that expensive. Some come with perks such as a magazine subscription and discounted camp spots or insurance through a dedicated vendor.

Other clubs out there are for types of people, such as babyboomers, families, or just couples. These particular groups tend to be member sponsored and “owned” with a board at the helm to write newsletters, organize rallies, make up the activities of the gatherings, and find perks (like discounted insurance) to help magnify the interest of prospective club members. These feel more like family reunions and usually have fewer people that belong to them because they don’t get the same exposure as the brands do.

No matter where you look for a group, be sure to check for the area boundaries. Some have the U.S. blocked off into different sections to determine what one you would belong to. If your state is not on their list or is not on their map, email the company or host to see if they are willing to add your area. Not many businesses will deny an opportunity for growth and more dues to help their cause. If you have the time, offer to help them add to that area to make it a no-risk situation. You may have to do all the RV travel in the beginning, but if your state has some amazing features, let them know! Bring the people to you and the dollars to your own economy.

And if you are feeling really motivated, start your own group. Get all the people gathered up that you know and start a website or a blog to get people interested. Decide whether or not you will charge a yearly dues per enrollee, household, or vehicle. Before you take that large of a leap, think of the little things you could offer them that would make new people want to sign up with you over someone else every year. Remember, you might attract someone from another state just as you might have been looking to join a different state’s group. Be professional and kind.

So with planning an RV vacation, you must consider joining a crowd of people who can offer you advice or bring you along for a great time. If you would even rather, or think you can do it better, start your own. But have a great time in the outdoors!



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