How to Treat Fifths Disease

By Prev Info - February 11, 2022

 Fifths disease, also known as parvovirus, is a viral rash illness that is common in children. The illness is a result of an infection of the human parvovirus B 19. The rash that is caused by the virus is red and lacy and looks similar to someone who has been slapped in the cheek. It is a minor illness that is usually only contagious before the rash appears. If you think your child has fifths disease, follow these steps to treat it.

How to Treat Fifths Disease


1 - Confirm your suspected diagnosis with the doctor once a rash is present. A quick visit to the doctor can confirm that the rash is parvovirus before you begin treatment.

2 - Give non-aspirin pain reliever for fever or for pain. When treating parvovirus, you treat the symptoms that bother the child, since there is no treatment for the virus itself.

3 -  Sometimes the rash can itch and an antihistamine can relieve the itch. Check with your doctor before administering.

4 - Keep your child well hydrated. Children who feel sick sometimes lose their appetite and desire to drink. Offer fluids regularly.

5 - Get enough rest. Be sure that your child is getting enough rest during this illness so that his body can heal.

Tips & Warnings

Washing hands frequently and avoiding contact with bodily fluids of infected people can help lessen the spread of fifths disease.

Pregnant people, people with sickle cell anemia, other types of anemia or a compromised immune systems should call their doctor immediately if they think they were exposed to fifths disease.