How to Sell Used Novels

By Prev Info - February 07, 2022

The biggest requirement to selling used novels is time. Turning old novels into cash isn't complicated. It is a great way to convert shelves of books already read -- or inherited from a relative or old roommate -- into cash. Selling used novels only requires a trip to a used book store, or a few minutes signing up as a bookseller online. If you sell online, you are responsible for mailing items. The money is managed by the online seller.


1 - Take your novels to a used book store. Half Price Books, for example, takes all books brought in. It assigns prices to those it can sell, and donates the rest to non-profit organizations. You don't have to cart any books home. The book pricing representative will tally your total while you wait and send you out the door with cash. Other book stores may work differently. Call before you take the books to find out the policies.


2 - Sign up as a seller through Amazon. Once your account is established, you can list your books and their condition. Amazon takes 99 cents for each sale. It takes money from buyers and pays sellers when shipping is confirmed. New sellers have to wait 14 days before payment.


3 - Sign up with another company such as Ebay's With Half, you start by listing the book or books you want to sell and their condition. Half suggests prices, but sellers don't have to go with them. Half takes a percentage commission and direct deposits money into seller's accounts twice a month.


4 - Investigate other online book buyers and sellers. EduChoices lists 30 places to buy and sell books online. While the other sites don't necessarily have the volume of the big sellers, sometimes they have better prices, a better selection or free shipping.


5 - Ship the book quickly after learning of a sale. Use a clean envelope and be sure to use proper postage and addressing. This will help increase your rating on an online site and pave the way for future book sales. It will also speed the payment process.



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