How to Sell E-Books on eBay

By Prev Info - February 07, 2022

Ebay banned the sales of ebooks in downloadable form in March 2008 due to fraudulent practices by some ebook sellers. However, the company does allow the sale of ebooks on CDs that the seller must mail to the buyer. Those who prefer to sell their ebooks in a downloadable format can advertise the item on eBay's classifieds section but conduct the transaction privately.


1 - Prepare the ebook for sale. Record a copy of the ebook on a CD in keeping with eBay's rules.

2 - Visit PayPal and sign up for an account. EBay states that those who sell digital content must have a verified PayPal account as confirmation of their identity.

3 - Register for an account on eBay. When your registration is complete, eBay will send an email message containing a link. Click the link to activate your account and log in.

4 - Click "Sell" at the top of the page and select "Sell your item" from the drop-down menu. Click "List your item" to proceed to the "Select a category" page.

5 - Click "Browse categories" and select an appropriate category for the CD. If you are unable to find an ideal category, enter a search term in the search field. The system will return a list of suggestions. Click "Continue" to proceed.

6 - Select a listing form on the following page. You can choose a simple form, which contains the basic requirements for a listing, or the form with more listing choices. Click "Continue."

7 - Enter the information for your listing. This includes the title of the item, the starting price or buy it now option, bidding duration, shipping preferences and a picture.

8 - Create a description for the item. According to eBay, your description must include the following, exactly as written:

 I will send this eBook by postal mail. Sending it by email or by any other digital delivery method is not allowed and violates eBay policy.

The text should be the same font and size as the rest of the text in your description.

9 - Click "Continue" to list your item. Log in occasionally to check the bidding progress. eBay will notify you via email when someone has won the bid or purchased the item with the "Buy it now" option, if applicable. The message will also contain directions on what to do to complete the sale.

Advertise Your ebook on eBay

1 - Click the "Browse categories" link for a list of the available categories. Scroll to the bottom and click "Everything else." Click "Information Products," select "How-To Guides," "Wholesale Lists" or "Other," depending on the content of your ebook. Select an appropriate subject matter from the fourth box. Click "Continue."

2 - Click "More listing choices" listing format and click "Continue." Click "Classified Ad" under "Choose how you'd like to sell your item" on the "Create your listing" page.

3 - Enter the details of the ebook. Include your contact information in your description. Just like a regular classified ad, the potential buyer will contact you and you can provide details on where he can go to purchase and download the book.

4 - Pay for the ad. For a nominal fee, your listing will be on the site for 30 days. Click "Continue" to proceed and complete the process.