How Does A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Help With A Head Injury Claim?

By Prev Info - February 10, 2022

 Did you know that in the USA alone, nearly two million head injuries occur within the workplace every single year? On top of this, nearly 10% of these workplace injuries occur within the state of California. Experts say that these are only the figures of injuries which have been reported. More often than not head injuries sometimes go undocumented because at first glance they can seem nothing more than a bump on the head. 

However, if untreated it is possible that a simple bump on the head could lead to memory loss, constant headaches and in some cases even brain trauma. So if you or a loved one has received a head injury in the workplace within the state of California, how can a Los Angeles personal injury attorney help your case?

More often than not, as with any workplace injury claim, there are lots of complex issues to sort out, which you might not be able to deal with on your own. There may well be lots of red tape to overcome which can take a great deal of time. In cases such as head injuries, paperwork can be a bit of a nightmare. In this instance, your attorney will assist you in filing all relevant documentation correctly. On top of this they also have the ability to be able to negotiate with other lawyers acting on behalf of the company. This is something that you may not be able to do, or may not want to do yourself.

In some cases, more serious head traumas can mean lengthy hospital treatment and ongoing rehabilitation. If this is the case, then an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who specializes in head injuries will claim compensation for ongoing medical bills, loss of earnings and even emotional trauma caused to you and indeed your family.

Obviously the first action to take upon sustainment of the head injury is to seek medical treatment. Only then is it advisable to think about hiring an attorney. Upon recovery a good attorney will start putting the wheels in motion in order to get your claim under way. These may well include things like looking in detail at the company's IIP (Illness and Injury Prevention Program). The attorney will be checking for documented risk assessments as well as evidence of regular inspections of the work areas. Your attorney will also find out who is responsible for the overall safety and health matters of the company. In addition they will be looking at speaking to witnesses to your accident and from this, compiling statements which can be used as evidence in order to help your claim.

If you have sustained a head injury whilst on a construction site it might be worth knowing that more often than not, a worker cannot claim directly against the company for their sustained injuries. Instead an employee's case should be handled through the California workers act. Having said that, on a construction site you may also be able to claim for third party negligence. This is where sub-contractors, equipment manufacturers and even property owners may often be held responsible, and indeed liable, for safety and health measures. This is where an experienced lawyer or attorney comes into play, as they will know whether or not you have the right to a compensation claim.

A good Los Angeles personal injury attorney will treat your case with compassion and sympathy and will always act in the interests of the client at all times. In more extreme cases, they will seek to find specialist medical professionals who can give you an honest evaluation of your injuries and the care that you will need. From this, the attorney will see that the medical expert will put a lifetime plan in motion to enable you to have the ongoing care that you need.

As you can see, finding the right lawyer is paramount to your head injury case. A good Los Angeles personal injury attorney will not only do everything within their power to help you through this hard time in your life, they will also strive to make things a little more comfortable for you and your family, by getting you a compensation package that may well go way above and beyond that which you thought was possible.





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