Dialysis Center Bulletin Board Ideas

By Prev Info - February 23, 2022

Individuals with poorly functioning kidneys, or kidneys that have ceased functioning altogether, often have to undergo regular dialysis treatments. Through dialysis, an individual's blood is cleaned of the toxins that kidneys traditionally remove. By creating a decorative and informative bulletin board in the dialysis center, medical personnel can make the process less scary and the center more inviting for patients.

Dialysis Center Bulletin Board Ideas

Medical Comics

Medical procedures, including dialysis, can be quite scary. Lighten the mood in your dialysis center by creating a medical cartoons bulletin board. Spend several weeks perusing the daily comics and the Internet for comic strips that depict doctors, nurses, hospitals or medical procedures. Steer clear of any strips that paint medical professionals as incompetent, as this is obviously not the impression you want to send. Once you have gathered an assortment of medicine-related comics, have them blown up.

Cover your board surface with black fabric or bulletin board paper, then take a piece of newspaper and cut out lettering to place at the top of your board. Title your boards “Comic Central” or “Laughter Is the Best Medicine.” Staple your comic strips around the board to finish off your display.

Coloring Contest

Add some color to your center by creating a coloring contest bulletin board. Select a page that features a medicine-related image, such as a picture of a doctor or nurse. Create copies of this image. Cover your board surface in solid color paper or fabric, and label it “Coloring Contest,” using hand-cut or pre-cut letters. Place your copied images in a folder, and attach the folder to the wall so anyone in the waiting room can grab a copy. Keep coloring supplies nearby. 

As people finish their masterpieces, ask them to place their name and number on the back so they can be contacted later. Hang them on the board. Once the board is full, number the pictures and allow visitors to vote on which work is the best. Reward the winner with a special prize.

Dialysis Facts

Dialysis can be scary, particularly when you don't know the facts. Ensure that all visitors to your center are informed by creating a Dialysis Facts bulletin board. Gather an assortment of information about the dialysis process, such as that more 200,000 people undergo dialysis yearly. Once you have collected an assortment of interesting tidbits, type these facts out. 

Cover your board in bulletin board paper or fabric, and hang your typed facts across the surface. As people sit in the center waiting room and await service, they can put themselves at ease by reading the information.





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