Cover Yourself With An Employment Barrister

By Prev Info - February 19, 2022

There are many situations in the workplace that are covered by various laws and regulations. At one time or another in your career, you may need professional advice on how to deal with these laws, requiring the expertise of employment barristers.

Cover Yourself With An Employment Barrister

Broadly, there are eight areas of law that are applicable for the workplace: Employment and Discrimination, Personal Injury, Product Liability, Professional Discipline, Public Inquiries, Clinical Negligence, Health and Safety and Environment. The law as written can sometimes be obscure, and you will need a guide and interpreter of these laws in order to be sure your case is heard and dealt with properly.

Take the example of personal injury, for instance. Injuries occur frequently on the job and can put you out of work for a prolonged period while you recover. While there are protections in law for employees injured on the job, there are many considerations that could prevent you from receiving all the benefits you are due.

A trained employment barrister can guide you through the process from the time of injury, through treatment, recovery and rehabilitation. He will protect your rights and represent you in all hearings and inquiries related to your injury.

The goal is to not only make certain you are properly compensated for your time off work and any permanent injuries you receive, but also to address and eliminate the cause of the injury, thus making a safer workplace for everyone.

Product liability is another area where a barrister’s expertise is very important. There is a huge body of law concerned with products, their use and misuse. A barrister has the knowledge and experience needed to sort through all the various cases and find the applicable law that affects you and others like you.

These cases can drag on for years through various court levels until a resolution is reached, and an experienced barrister is necessary every step of the way. So you can see that, as in so many other things, expert assistance can make the difference between success and failure in the courtroom.

If you ever find yourself in one of these workplace-related situations, it would pay great dividends for you to find and engage a law firm offering workplace or employment barristers. Do your research, check their references, and ask for a no-cost consultation. They will sit down with you, go through your case, and make a recommendation on how to proceed. It is always better to have professionals on your side.